How to Schedule OWWA Online Appointment for OFWs

Filipinos who need to visit the nearest OWWA office will require to get an appointment beforehand. Whether you need to pay for your membership or inquire about the existing projects from this Philippine government insurance agency, please follow the steps below on what are the requirements, tips, and how to schedule an appointment online.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker, it is important to get your account active so you can enjoy the benefits and programs available from OWWA. You may set up an appointment for renewal of your account by either going to the POLO-OWWA international office in your work country or by visiting the OWWA Regional Welfare office in your home province. Please check the guidelines below on the process as it differs per location.

how to schedule owwa appointment online


All applicants or beneficiaries of OWWA services must first be OWWA members and will need to pay the membership fee on the same day as your schedule of appointment.

As soon as you go to work overseas, you will encounter government agencies such as DOLE, POEA, POLO, and OWWA. These agencies will help you secure your life while working abroad. OWWA is one of the most important agencies you need to focus on.

OWWA is responsible for protecting the OFW and its family, it acts as insurance for Filipinos working overseas. To keep in touch or become a member of OWWA, you need to book an appointment. You cannot just go there and tell them your agenda.

This post will guide you on how to set up OWWA Appointments online. In the Philippines, there are OWWA Regional Welfare Offices, while abroad these offices are called POLO-OWWA offices.

Booking an appointment from OWWA and POLO-OWWA could be quite different, but this guide will show you how it works. Here is the set of requirements and simplified steps you need to book an appointment with OWWA.

How to Schedule an Appointment in OWWA Regional Welfare Office

There are some important steps that you need to make to successfully book an appointment with OWWA. These steps below cover OWWA offices in the Philippines

Step 1: Go to your browser and search for

Note: Don’t forget to download and print an OWWA Information sheet.

Step 2: Choose your OWWA office branch (nearest in your place) and the type of program you need

Step 3: Now, you’ll see a calendar where you can book your desired date and time, those numbers marked with gray are already taken. Choose the best date and time for your visit. Click “NEXT”

Step 4: Fill out the personal information sheet by providing your complete name, gender, present address, e-mail address, etc. Then click “NEXT”

Step 5: Double-check your information before proceeding to the confirmation

Step 6: Click on the “submit appointment” button

Step 7: On the e-mail address you’ve provided, wait for the confirmation message from OWWA. Print this confirmation slip and bring this on the day of your appointment.

Document Requirements

For booking an appointment to OWWA, you need to have the following documentation:

  • Passport copy (Bio page with photo)
  • Employment contract
  • Employment pass or work permit card
  • OWWA Information sheet
  • Membership Fee payment (Php 1,000- Php 1,500 or equivalent to USD 25)

Note: Please follow the guidelines given by each OWWA regional office. Bring you an accomplished information sheet, appointment confirmation slip, and required documentations mandate by your branch (requirements for OWWA Regional appointment) on the day of your scheduled appointment.

How to Schedule an Appointment in POLO-OWWA International Offices

Here are the simplified steps to follow if you wish to set up an appointment in POLO-OWWA international offices:

Step 1: Prepare an active e-mail address because POLO OWWA will send the confirmation of your booking through your provided e-mail account.

Step 2: Go to this website and download the information sheet you need to fill up.

Step 3: Go to your browser and search for OWWA’s website designated in your country. For example, if you’re in Milan is the URL. If you’re in Riyadh, search for

Step 4: Read the following information and terms & condition, then check the box at the bottom part if you agree to the said information above. Click “NEXT”

Step 5: Select the service you need. Click “NEXT”

Step 6: Now, you’ll see a calendar where you can book your desired date and time, those numbers marked with gray are already taken. Choose the best date and time for your visit. Click “NEXT”

Step 7: Fill in the necessary information they need from you. Complete the sheet with your name, gender, date of birth, present address (abroad), mobile number.

Step 8: Review your information, then click “Save,” then you’ll see an onscreen notification saying “Thank you! Your appointment has been scheduled!”

Step 9: On the e-mail address you’ve provided, wait for the confirmation message from OWWA. Print this confirmation slip and bring this on the day of your appointment.

Document Requirements

For booking an appointment to POLO-OWWA, you need the following documents:

  • Valid work permit / Certificate of Employment / Employment Contract
  • Copy of Passport’s bio page
  • OWWA OFW Information sheet (accomplished)
  • Membership Fee payment equivalent to USD 25
  • Other proof of employment that you are actively working as an OFW 

Note: Bring your accomplished information sheet, appointment confirmation slip, and documentation (requirements for POLO-OWWA appointment) on the day of your scheduled appointment.

Appointment Portal – OWWA GOV PH

The Online Appointment System is located at this URL –

Please be advised that this is the web portal dedicated to setting up a schedule when you wish to visit the OWWA office in a specific destination.

Screenshot of the OWWA office appointment portal
Screenshot of the OWWA office appointment portal

Note: The OWWA online appointment system is a new feature that allows you to book an appointment with the agency without having to go through the hassle of going to their office in person. This is beneficial for those who are already working abroad and do not have the time to go to the agency’s office.

Not all OWWA offices are included in the online appointment system yet. As this is still new, some offices are still manual appointments.

OFW Information Sheet

As part of the requirements, you need to have an OFW Information Sheet. Here is a sample screenshot of this document that you need to fill out when you visit the office for your renewal.

OFW Information Sheet from OWWA
OFW Information Sheet from OWWA

The OWWA online appointment system also asks for some of your personal information like your full name, date of birth, contact number, and email address. This is to help the agency in case they need to get in touch with you.

If you’re having problems with filling out the form or don’t have all the required documents yet, don’t worry! You can still go to the office and submit your application. The staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Video: How to Get a Booking Online for OWWA Services

The video below is a simple tutorial on how you can access the portal and set up your booking online for OWWA services. Please be guided on this easy-to-understand video for your reference:

So as you might notice, the OWWA appointment process is quite easy and simple. Just like what we’ve learned, all you need to do is follow the guidelines and tips above and you’ll be set for your OWWA services!

Benefits of Being an OWWA Member

OFWs must generally go through the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). This is a simple act of protecting yourself while abroad, as well as your family left in the Philippines. OWWA is a member institution Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) which promotes the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

OWWA membership is not free, but it comes with a slew of perks for OFWs. If you know what having insurance feels like, then you will be interested in OWWA’s membership.

Becoming an OWWA member is simple, you can join as a member by doing one of the following:

  1. Compulsory membership upon processing of contract at the POEA
  2. Voluntary Membership at job sites located abroad.

Once you’ve become a member of OWWA, you will be eligible for the following benefits:

1. Life and Social Benefits

  • The natural cause of death coverage of Php 100,000 and Php 200,000 for death due to accidents while overseas.
  • Disability coverage of Php 50,000 (partial disability) and P100,000 (permanent disability)
  • Funeral expenses coverage up to Php20,000 for legal heirs.

2. Educational Benefits for the OFW and/or qualified dependents

  • EDSP or Education for Development Scholarship Program
  • ELAP or Education and Livelihood Assistance Program
  • SESP or Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program
  • OFW DSP or OFW Dependents Scholarship Program
  • SUP or Seafarer’s Upgrading Program
  • Information Technology Training

3. Repatriation Program for Distressed OFWs

  • The temporary shelter at the OWWA Halfway House
  • Repatriation program
  • Ticket assistance back to Philippine Airport
  • Provision for OFWs trip back to their provinces

4. Reintegration Program

  • OFW assistance for finding livelihood projects whenever they want to come home for good
  • Lending assistance at reasonable rates
  • Skills training
  • Income-generating projects that are community-based
  • Psycho-social services such as family counseling, capacity-building, as well as stress debriefing.

If you are an OFW, see OWWA as your protection and insurance abroad. It could also be your family’s insurance in the Philippines because whatever happens to you,

OWWA will help your family to get financial and social assistance. This organization pledge to protect the right and well-being of OFWs.

Aside from legal support, they can also provide training and scholarships to your dependents whenever unforeseen circumstances arise. OWWA is one of the key organizations in charge of protecting the rights and well-being of OFWs.

This means that our OWWA membership is not only a way to protect yourselves, but also to secure your family’s future.

Guidelines and Tips

Please be informed of the following guidelines and reminders about OWWA offices:

  • Not all POLO-OWWA offices have an appointment booking system set up. As some may only require walk-in appearances to renew your membership. If there is no online appointment available, it is good to send an email or contact your nearest OWWA office.
  • Make sure to follow the Facebook Page and website of the specific OWWA office near your work location for updates.
  • Always follow social distancing guidelines whenever you go to the office for your renewal.
  • Do not forget to have complete document requirements for faster processing of your membership.
  • When you visit the OWWA office, always bring your ID or company’s proof of membership.
  • You can also simply renew your OWWA membership via the OWWA Mobile App.

How to Schedule OWWA Membership in POLO-OWWA offices

If you are wondering how you can sign up for your OWWA membership in each specific POLO-OWWA office abroad, please check out the following articles we published for each specific city:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these common questions and answers about the OWWA membership process and how to get an appointment.

1.  Where should I book my appointment? OWWA Regional or POLO-OWWA

Answer: If you’re in the Philippines, you should go to a website associated with OWWA Regional and book your appointment. POLO-OWWA is for OFWs who are currently overseas.

2.  Is OWWA membership mandatory?

Answer: Yes, it’s mandatory for all OFWs. All Filipino workers, locally or overseas are required to join OWWA. This includes skilled and unskilled workers, professionals, self-employed and seafarers.

3. Why I cannot click the date I want to book in their calendar?

Answer: The date is already booked.

4. Can I go to OWWA without an appointment?

Answer: No, you need to book an appointment online.

5. Where to find OWWA Programs Information?

Answer: Visit OWWA’s Facebook Page for more up-to-date information.

6. How to check if my OWWA account is still active?

Answer: Download OWWA mobile app and register your information there, then verify the status of your account.

7. Can I cancel my booked appointment online?

Answer: Yes.

8. How to cancel OWWA appointment online?

Answer: You can cancel it using your appointment reference number on your account’s profile, then click the “Cancel” or “Reschedule” button.

9.  Is OWWA open on Weekends?

Answer: No, OWWA is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

10. How to know the web page on OWWA in this country?

Answer: You can check it using your browser by searching POLO OWWA and your country (if currently residing abroad), results will show up. To make it easy, you can also ask OWWA’s page to give you the website designated to your country. To access OWWA’s page from the Philippines here is the link:

11. What if all dates in the calendar are highlighted in gray?

Answer: This means that the month is already fully booked. Click on the next month’s arrow to book another month and date.

12. What if I cannot make it to my scheduled appointment?

Answer: Cancel your appointment schedule and make a new one. It is best to cancel early if you cannot make it so that you can give your existing appointment slots to other Filipinos who need it.

Final Thoughts

These are the simple steps and requirements that you need to prepare to successfully book an appointment with OWWA. Since countries are still dealing with the pandemic disease COVID-19, it is mandatory to book a schedule online first before going to any OWWA offices in the Philippines and Abroad.

But you can still check your location for updated OWWA guidelines. You can visit OWWA’s Official Facebook Page for updated guidelines and requirements.

We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding the need to get an appointment beforehand and what is the process of OWWA membership on the day of your appearance. For further inquiries or clarifications, you can visit their official Facebook page.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question so we can improve this article for fellow OFWs.

Contact Information

OWWA Central Office
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Telephone Number: 8891-7601 to 24
OWWA 24/7 Hotlines
Metro Manila / Cellphone: 1348
International: (+632) 1348

Facebook Page:
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