POLO Korea: Filipinos Deployed to South Korea via Employment Permit System

More than a hundred overseas Filipino workers have been sent to South Korea this month under the host country’s Employment Permit System (EPS), says the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). These Filipinos deployed for work contracts mostly will be assigned to the manufacturing industry.

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According to a report published on the Philippine News Agency on December 10, 2021, POLO Korea Labor Labor Attaché Ma. Celeste Valderrama mentioned that Filipinos so far, 158 OFWs have entered South Korea with another 51 to be deployed soon.

polo korea filipinos deployed to south korea manufacturing sector

OFW Manufacturing Factory Workers in South Korea

Once the entry restrictions in South Korea will be lifted, the total number of OFWs given work contracts in the country for this batch will run a total of 209.

Valderrama stated that the manufacturing sector has the highest number of Filipinos employed in production under the EPS system at 21,546 OFWs.

Manufacturing is a prominent sector in Korea, with around 90% of the OFWs working in this sector. Plastic, rubber, metal, furniture, food, and food supplements are just a few of the goods produced by businesses.

Other Industries in Korea with OFW Workers

Aside from working in factories, there are several OFWs who work as artists and occupations that need particular abilities, while others work as household service workers (HSWs).

There are also a number of Filipinos who work for shipping firms, while other Filipino engineers design car seats for automobile manufacturers.

As of October 2021, there were 47,392 Filipinos in South Korea, according to the POLO.

In June of last year, South Korea implemented entry limitations owing to the pandemic.

In November, Seoul announced that it would allow foreign workers from the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan to work in Korea only those under the EPS system.

Korea EPS System

The South Korean government has been implementing the EPS since 2004 as a way to secure the manpower for their industries. The program allows employers to directly hire workers from other countries, bypassing the need for a middleman recruiter.

EPS contracts have a fixed term of employment that can be extended if both parties agree.

To have the process done faster, OFWs should follow the following guidelines:

  • Complete requirements needed to work in South Korea (Passport, Employment Contracts/Certificates, etc.)
  • Go directly to POEA for applications required by your chosen employer
  • Bring a photocopy of all required documents (return ticket, work permit, passport, etc.)
  • Keep your passport valid at all times to avoid cancellation of contract.

POEA Advises Filipinos to Go through Licensed Agencies

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is the government agency responsible for deploying OFWs under the EPS system.

Filipinos who plan to work overseas are advised to go through accredited POEA recruitment centers only to avoid becoming victims of illegal recruiters and human trafficking syndicates.

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