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For OFWs in Taipei, Taiwan and are wondering how to apply or renew their OWWA membership, you have to go to the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Taipei building to process your application. MECO is the office that is responsible for handling Philippine government documents and procedures for Pinoys in Taiwan and this is the office that Filipinos need to go in order to inquire and ask for assistance.

For other areas in Taiwan, you may visit the other MECO offices depending on your location:

There are three MECO offices in Taiwan and if you’re living near Neihu District, Taipei City, that’s the office where you should process your OWWA membership application. And today, we’ll discuss in this article the step-by-step process of OWWA appointment and renewal in Taipei, Taiwan.

renew owwa membership in taipei taiwan


The OWWA is a government-mandated institution that insures all Filipino workers who are on their way to work and live overseas. It was established in 1979 with an aim to protect the welfare of Filipinos working abroad.

A non-stock, and non-profit organization, it aims to look after OFWs’ occupational hazards, repatriation of bodies and human remains loss of money while traveling, and other emergency situations. Moreover, it holds insurance on unpaid salaries of contract workers.

Renewing your OWWA membership is very important as an OFW because this is a form of insurance where you can get good benefits as an overseas worker. Please follow the steps below on how you can activate your membership in Taipei.


If you’re an OFW in Taipei planning to apply or renew your OWWA membership, here are the requirements you need to comply with to proceed with the membership application, including:

  • Book an appointment at
  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet
  • Visa validity exceeding 90 days
  • Original and photocopy of passport (showing the data page)
  • Photocopy of POLO Verified Employment Contract
  • Photocopy of the Current Certificate of Employment (containing English translation and the translators’ name and signature)
  • Photocopy of ARC (Alien Registration Card)
  • OFWs must present a letter of certification from the employer or company, verifying that they are not on the list of terminated, resigned, canceled, or employees due for termination.
  • OWWA Membership fee of NT$ 758 or $25 converted to local currency (based on current foreign exchange rate)
  • Personal appearance only


Aside from the membership application requirements, OWWA has set some qualifications for aspiring members. The first qualification that all OWWA members should meet is actively and continuously working. Second, members should be “legal” or “documented” OFW listed under POEA with valid visas and work permits. Also, OWWA accepts OFW members who have obtained permanent residency status in foreign countries and remain Filipino citizens.

Nonetheless, considering that OWWA only accepts actively and continuously working members, the following individuals are not qualified to apply or renew their OWWA membership, including:

  • Due for termination
  • Terminated
  • Due for cancellation
  • Canceled
  • Resigned
  • No work, No pay

Booking an OWWA Appointment in MECO-Taipei

As stated in the requirements, OFWs should book an appointment with OWWA under the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) in Taiwan, acting as a representative of DOLE, POEA, and OWWA, and offers the services of SSS and PAG-IBIG Fund.

Thus, if you’re applying or renewing your OWWA membership in Taipei, make sure to book an appointment ahead of time before your membership expires as MECO implements a “Strictly by Appointment Only” policy.

After booking an appointment, don’t forget to take a screenshot of the appointment booking confirmation sent via email, which will serve as your gate pass to enter the OWWA office in Taipei, so make sure to bring a copy of it on the day of your visit.

Step by step how to set up an appointment for OWWA payment

If you’re applying for the first time or renewing your OWWA membership, follow the steps below to book an appointment with OWWA Taipei:

  1. Visit this link –
  2. Check the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) on the list of services.
  3. Select the most convenient date and time for the appointment.
  4. Enter your Full Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number.
  5. Provide additional details, including your Passport/ ARC/ Taiwan ID Number and Last Name, Given Name, and Middle Name.
  6. Check over your details, and click “Book”.
  7. Go to your email and print a copy of the appointment booking confirmation. Bring it on the day of your appointment to enter the OWWA office in Taipei.

Paying OWWA Membership at MECO-OWWA office in Taipei

Once you have a confirmed appointment booking with OWWA Taipei, make sure that your requirements are complete before the day of your appointment arrives. You can also pay the OWWA membership fee at the MECO-OWWA office in Taipei during your visit. Moreover, ensure that you have secured all the requirements and filled out the forms before submitting them, as individuals with incomplete requirements cannot proceed with the OWWA membership application.

Step by step process of paying the OWWA membership

On the day of your appointment, here are the following procedures that you need to go through paying the OWWA membership fee:

  1. Go to the MECO-OWWA Taipei office on the day of your appointment.
  2. Present to the security officer a copy of your appointment booking confirmation.
  3. Submit the necessary documents at the OWWA window and wait while being verified.
  4. Next, pay the OWWA membership fee and other applicable fees.
  5. Claim the official receipt for your payment, and you’re now an active member of OWWA.

Reminders during the Day of Appointment in OWWA Taipei

Another thing to remember on the day of your appointment with MECO-OWWWA Taipei is to follow the reminders listed below to ensure a successful OWWA membership application, including:

  • Secure all the requirements and fill out the forms with correct details. In addition, before you go to the MECO-OWWA Taipei office, make sure that you have complete and in order requirements. If you have incomplete requirements, you cannot apply or renew your OWWA membership.
  • Set an appointment with MECO-OWWA Taipei before you head to their office. Also, make sure that you bring a copy of your appointment booking confirmation to enter the office.
  • OFWs should wear proper attire on their appointment since they’re visiting a government office. Do not wear sleeveless or tank tops, sando, shorts, miniskirts, ripped jeans, and slippers.
  • Bring both your new and old passports for verification purposes.
  • Please wear a face mask at all times and maintain a two-meter distance from other individuals.
  • Check the MECO official website and Facebook page for further announcements and inquiries.

Video: OWWA Membership in Taipei

For more details on OWWA membership in Taipei, Taiwan, please watch the video below:

As seen in the video, you can go to the MECO Taipei by riding a bus. Afterward, walk to reach the MECO Taipei building. It can also get crowded in their vicinity. Thus, it is better to arrive ahead of time on your scheduled appointment to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these common questions about MECO OWWA Taipei and the renewal of the membership process:

1. How do I renew my OWWA membership in Taiwan?

If you’re going to renew your OWWA membership in Taiwan, you need to complete the requirements listed above. Then, set an appointment with the nearest MECO in Taiwan, depending on if you’re in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

2. Do I need to book an appointment with the MECO-OWWA Taipei office?

Yes, you need to book an appointment with the MECO-OWWA Taipei office before conducting business with them. It is required to book an appointment since they implement a “Strictly by Appointment Only” policy. Moreover, the appointment booking confirmation is needed to enter the office, so bring a copy of it on your visit.

3. How do I make an appointment with MECO-OWWA Taipei?

To book an appointment with MECO-OWWA Taipei, visit their appointment system at

4. Do I need to renew my OWWA membership?

Yes, you need to renew your OWWA membership once it expires. By doing so, you can access varying services, programs, and supports catered to active members and dependents.

5. Can I renew my OWWA membership online?

Yes, you can renew your OWWA membership online. All you have to do is download the OWWA mobile app, create an account, and renew your membership using the app.

6. Can I pay for the OWWA membership online?

Yes, you can the membership fee online using the OWWA mobile app. To do so, click the “Renew Your Membership Here” option in the app, fill out the required details, and choose the available payment options. If you’re in the Philippines for vacation, you pay the OWWA membership using your bank account and e-wallets. On the contrary, you can also ask your relatives in the country to pay for the OWWA membership fee at the nearest OWWA Regional office or other payment centers.

7. How to get to MECO Taipei via MRT?

To get to MECO Taipei, follow the steps below:

  • At the Taipei Main Station, search for the Blue Line or Bannan Line.
  • Once you’re onboard the Bannan Line, get off at Zhongxiao Fuxing and transfer to the Brown Line or Wenhu Line.
  • Board the Wenhu Line, and go to Gangqian Station BR17.
  • Get off at Gangqian Station and exit to Neihu Vocational High School.
  • At the MRT station exit, you can see the MECO Taipei building across the street.
  • Cross the streets’ facing the stations’, and the second building is the MECO Taipei office.

8. How much is the OWWA membership fee?

The OWWA membership fee is $25 or NT$ 758, changing depending on the latest foreign exchange rate.

9. Is OWWA membership mandatory?

Yes, the OWWA membership is mandatory once you document your work under POEA. However, undocumented OFWs are not part of the institution, but they can apply for the OWWA membership if they legalize their employment and submit the requirements listed above.

10. Who can avail of OWWA benefits?

OFWs who are registered and active members of OWWA can avail themselves of the benefits from the institution, such as Education and Training benefits, Financial loans, and Repatriation and Reintegration program.

11. How long is the OWWA membership valid?

The OWWA membership is only valid for two years after your membership application.

12. Why is my OWWA membership inactive?

Your OWWA membership may be inactive if two years have already passed after you applied for it or you switch to a new employer. Remember, the OWWA membership two-year validity is only applicable for the employer listed during the application. Thus, if you work for a new employer in less than two years, your OWWA membership will become inactive.

13. How can I check my membership status with OWWA?

You can check your membership status on the OWWA mobile app. You can sign up for an account if you don’t have one. Once you’re in, you can see your membership status below your profile, indicating “INACTIVE” or “ACTIVE”.


In summary, the OWWA appointment and renewal process in Taipei, Taiwan, is convenient for OFWs applying or renewing their membership. The location of MECO Taipei is also very accessible, so OFWs can easily reach it via MRT or bus.

While OWWA has membership qualifications, undocumented OFWs can still apply for the membership as long as they comply with the qualifications and requirements. Thus, we encouraged all OFWs to keep their OWWA membership active to claim benefits from the institution.

Contact Details

Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Tuesday
8:00 am to 3:30 pm, Wednesday to Friday
Address: 2F, Chang Hong New Era Building No. 55 & 57 Zhouzi Street, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114
Telephone Number: (886) 2-2658-8825, (02) 2658-8299, 0900218895, 0925-228878
Facebook Page:

Google Map Location

Below is a map guide to the location of the Rome POLO-OWWA office (MECO Office) in Taipei:

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