Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership Rome, Italy

If you are working as an overseas Filipino worker in Rome, Italy and you are wondering how to apply or renew your OWWA membership, please be guided that you can visit the POLO Rome office in order to pay and keep your account active. Set an appointment, submit the requirements, and pay the membership fee in order to renew your membership in Rome.

For those who are based in Milan, please follow this guide – Schedule OWWA Appointment and Membership in Milan, Italy

The POLO Rome office has created an online appointment system where you can enter your details and book an appointment for your visit. This is needed for you to enter the POLO office in order to process the renewal or inquire about other programs and benefits. Please go over this guide below if you wish to learn how to schedule an appointment.

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how to get owwa rome appointment italy


OWWA is an organization that is dedicated to overseas Filipino workers and their families. Some of its programs include financial assistance for children of Filipino migrant workers, educational support, and health insurance services.

OWWA has branch offices in cities around the world including Rome, Italy where OWWA members can visit to renew their OWWA membership and pay dues.

When you have your appointment slot, then just bring the OWWA Requirements and all the certificates that you need in order for your renewal or application to be processed by POLO Rome office. Once you have done this, they will process your OWWA Membership Renewal at the soonest time possible.


Whether it is your first time applying or renewing your OWWA membership in Rome, you have to submit the list of requirements below, including:

  • Book an appointment at
  • Confirmed appointment
  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet
  • Original and photocopy of passport (showing the data page)
  • Photocopy of Valid Employment Contract for regular workers (Lavoro Subordinato)
  • Photocopy of valid Work or Residence Permit
    • Permit to Stay for Work (Permesso di Soggiorno)
    • Permit to Stay for Family Reasons (Motivo Familiari)
    • Permanent Residents (Carta Di Soggiorno)
  • Photocopy of Pay Slip provided by the Company, Employer or from the Recruitment Agency
  • Photocopy of proof of Present Employment
    • Busta Paga (only Italy)
    • Latest INPS contribution (ultimo contribute)
    • Verified Contract (outside Italy)
  • Photocopy of Oath of Allegiance for OFWs with dual citizenship
  • OFWs must present a letter of certification from the employer or company, verifying that they are not on the list of terminated, resigned, canceled, or employees due for termination.
  • OWWA Membership fee of $25 converted to local currency (based on monthly exchange rate)
  • Personal appearance only


Apart from the stated requirements above, OFWs who wish to apply or renew their membership with OWWA should meet the institution’s eligibility requirements. The first criteria that OFWs should meet are actively and continuously working to become an OWWA member.

In addition, the institution only accepts members who are “legal” or “documented” workers acknowledged by POEA with valid visas and work permits. OFWs who also acquired a permanent residency status in a foreign country and are still Filipino citizens can apply for the OWWA membership.

While OWWA is a dedicated institution for OFWs, individuals who are not actively and continuously working are not eligible to apply or renew their OWWA membership, including the following employees:

  • Due for termination
  • Terminated
  • Due for cancellation
  • Canceled
  • Resigned
  • No work, No pay

Booking an OWWA Appointment in Rome

Considering that the cases of Covid-19 in Italy are still high, OFWs are required to book an appointment to visit the POLO-OWWA Rome office for the OWWA membership application.

If an OFW has no appointment, the officer in charge won’t let them enter the office. Furthermore, after booking an appointment for the OWWA membership, POLO-OWWA Rome requires OFWs to confirm their scheduled appointment by sending them a message via email.

Since the reservations are not guaranteed and may change due to the regulations imposed by the local authorities, in relevance to Covid-19 restrictions. Thus, make sure to book an appointment at the “OWWA Membership Appointment Scheduler” and confirm the appointment schedule with OWWA by sending them an email. You may also pay the OWWA membership fee on the day of your appointment.

Step by step how to set up an appointment for OWWA payment

To apply or renew your membership, here are the following steps to set up an appointment with POLO-OWWA Rome:

  1. Go to POLO Rome’s official website at
  2. On the homepage, scroll down and click “Appointment Reservations”.
  3. Next, on the “Appointment Reservation” page, click “Schedule Appointment” under OWWA Membership.
  4. Select your preferred time and date, and click “Confirm”. If there are no available dates, click “View Next Month”.
  5. Enter the required details, including Full Name, Email, and Mobile Number. Then, click “Schedule Event”.
  6. Once your appointment is “Confirmed” at the appointment system, you will receive an automated confirmation email.
  7. Next, you must ensure that your scheduled appointment is available by emailing the POLO-OWWA Rome office at
  8. Go to the email you used to book an appointment and send your Full Name and Mobile Number.
  9. Lastly, wait for your scheduled appointment to be confirmed, and print a copy of the confirmation email to present as a gate pass during your visit.

Paying OWWA Membership at POLO-OWWA office in Rome

After you have booked an appointment with POLO-OWWA Rome and confirmed your schedule via email, you can pay the OWWA membership fee on the day of your scheduled appointment. Also, ensure that your requirements are in order and complete before submitting them to the officer in charge or your application will not be processed.

Step by step process of paying the OWWA membership

To proceed with the OWWA membership application, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the POLO-OWWA Rome office on the day of your appointment.
  2. Present proof of your scheduled appointment with the security officer.
  3. Once you get to the Philippine Embassy in Rome, go to Window 2.
  4. Submit the complete requirements for verification.
  5. Pay the OWWA membership fee and other fees.
  6. Get the official payment receipt, and you’re now an active OWWA member.

Reminders during the Day of Appointment in OWWA Rome

  • OFWs should only book one appointment at a time. If you made multiple bookings, all of the appointments will be canceled.
  • Ensure to fill out the forms and complete the requirements before submitting them since applicants with incomplete requirements will not be handled by the officer in charge.
  • Bring a copy of the scheduled appointment confirmation sent via email. It will be your entry pass at the POLO-OWWA Rome office.
  • Since you’re visiting government premises, it is advised to wear proper or smart casual attire since the office prohibits wearing sleeveless or tank tops, sando, shorts, ripped jeans, and slippers.
  • Please wear a face mask at all times and maintain a two-meter distance from other individuals.
  • Check the POLO Milan official Facebook page and website for inquiries on the current OWWA membership rate as it changes monthly depending on the foreign exchange rate.
  • Also, be updated on the latest Covid-19 restrictions in Rome, Italy, as they may affect your scheduled appointment.

Video: OWWA Membership in Rome

For more details on the OWWA membership, please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, OFWs can check their membership status via the OWWA mobile app. You only need to download the app on your mobile device and sign up for an account.

Then, you will receive a “Username” and “Password” sent by OWWA to your email that you will use to log in to your account. Once you’ve login, you will see a profile icon on the homepage, and below indicates your membership status if you’re “ACTIVE” or “INACTIVE”. If you’re an “INACTIVE” member, you can update your membership status by clicking “Renew Membership Here”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the following questions and answers about the OWWA membership process in Rome:

1. How do I renew my OWWA membership in Rome?

You can renew your OWWA membership in Rome by submitting the stated requirements above and paying the fees at the POLO-OWWA Rome office.

2. How do I know if I am an OWWA member?

You can determine if you’re an OWWA member if the official receipt hasn’t exceeded two years. Also, you can check your membership status using the OWWA mobile app.

3. Do I need to make an appointment with POLO-OWWA Rome?

Yes, you need to make an appointment with POLO-OWWA Rome before going to the office. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the office does not accept walk-in applicants. Also, it is necessary to confirm with them if the scheduled appointment will push through as it may be affected by changing regulations.

4. Can I renew my OWWA membership online?

Yes, you can renew your OWWA membership online. You only have to download the OWWA mobile app, create an account, and then proceed with renewing your membership. Afterward, you can let your relatives in the Philippines pay the OWWA membership fee at the nearest OWWA Regional office or payment centers.

5. How much is the OWWA membership fee in Rome?

The OWWA membership in Rome costs $25 in local currency and may change every month, based on the foreign exchange rate.

6. How do I claim OWWA benefits?

Since the benefits that OWWA provides vary, you can claim services and programs if you met the eligibility requirements for that specific benefit. Once the service you wish to avail of applies to your condition, you can request an application form from the POLO-OWWA office. Next, acquire all the requirements and submit them at the POLO-OWWA office. Lastly, wait for the OWWA to call you regarding the benefit you request.

7. Who can claim OWWA benefits?

The benefits that OWWA provides are accessible to all registered and active members of the institution.

8. Is OWWA membership mandatory?

Yes, OWWA membership is mandatory for all OFWs. However, OFWs who are undocumented are not qualified to become OWWA members. Thus, they should legalize their employment with POEA to become an OWWA member.

9. How long is the OWWA membership valid?

The OWWA membership is only valid for two years under the same employer indicated during the application. Thus, if you changed employer in a year, your OWWA membership will become inactive, and you have to renew your membership again.

10. Where can I download the OWWA membership form?

You can download the OWWA membership form and other related forms at the official website of POLO Rome at On the homepage, scroll down, click “Forms and Downloads”, and you will see all the downloadable forms.

11. What are the services at POLO Rome?

The service that POLO Rome offers includes the following:

  • POEA Online Processing System for Balik-Manggagawa
  • On-Site Verification
  • OWWA Membership
  • On-site Services such as Welfare Assistance Program, Post Arrival Seminars, Social Benefits, and Skills Training


To sum up, the OWWA appointment for membership in Rome, Italy, is an essential step to ensure that the institution’s personnel and OFWs are safe from the threats of Covid-19.

Aside from the appointment, OFWs should confirm their booking and always check the latest restrictions posted on the POLO Rome Facebook page and website before visiting the office.

On the contrary, OFWs who are renewing their OWWA membership and have a conflict with their scheduled appointment due to the changes of regulations may opt to renew their membership via the OWWA mobile app. Thus, becoming an OWWA member is made accessible for OFWs, especially at the present health crisis.

OWWA is here to serve you and your family. We urge all OFWs in Milan, Italy who are having difficulty with their employers or want more opportunities for support and insurance coverage – to become a member today!

Contact Details

Operating Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday
Address: Via Aurelia, 290-A, 00165 Roma RM, Italy
POLO Rome Telephone Number: +39-06-557-5702
Polo Rome Email:
OWWA Rome Email:
Polo Rome Website:
Polo Rome Facebook Page:  

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Below is a map guide to the location of the Rome POLO-OWWA office in Italy:

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