Directory: OWWA Regional Welfare Office Locations in the Philippines

OWWA stands for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, which functions as a form of insurance for Filipinos working overseas. In case you are wondering where are the OWWA branches located in the Philippines, here is a directory guide to help you. We have listed the contact details of each regional welfare office with their address, telephone number, email, and Facebook Page, for your reference.

OWWA provides assistance in terms of documentation and visa support, protection from abuse and exploitation, and assistance during emergency cases. It also offers pre-departure orientation seminars to ensure that all members are aware of the services offered by OWWA before leaving the Philippines to work abroad.

OWWA is also an organization that provides support to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are in any kind of distress abroad. It aims to provide services for them through pre-employment training, documentation and visa support, protection from abuse, and aid during emergencies. OWWA has a presence in every region in the Philippines with regional welfare offices located around the country.

list of owwa regional welfare office branches in philippines

List of OWWA Branches in the Philippines

The following are the list of OWWA Regional Welfare Offices in the Philippines:


Head of Office: MA. TERESA B. CAPA – Director II
Address: 2nd Floor STWLPC Bldg., #336 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City (besides KFC / LRT Gil Puyat Station
Email:,, &
Contact Numbers:
Programs and Services – 8551-6643
Admin and Finance – 8551-6650
Cashier – 8804-0658, Director’s
Office – 8834-0721
Social Benefits Unit – 8832-1241, 8834-0718
Education and Training Unit – 8832-1268
Reintegration Unit – 8834-0719
Welfare Assistance Unit – 8551-6851
DOLE-AKAP- 0966-625-0016, 0929-299-7953
TeleFax: 8804-0640
Facebook Link:


Head of Office: LUZVIMINDA C. TUMALIUAN – Officer-In-Charge
Address: 2nd Flr. Gestdan Centrum Building, 80 Bokawkan Road, Corner P. Burgos St, Baguio City 2600
Contact Number: 0917-500-1294, 0917-320-1091, 099-9994-9296, 0917-544-0786

OWWA Region 1

Head of Office: GERARDO C. RIMORIN – Officer-In-Charge
Address: 2nd Flr. Kenny Plaza, Quezon Avenue, City of San Fernando, La Union
Contact Numbers:
Program and Services – 908-863-4250, 700-2792
Social Benefits Unit – 817-3504
WAP Medical Assistance / MEDplus – 0938-231-2119
Education and Training Unit – 0912-328-9262
Welfare Assistance Unit – 0938-316-3838
Reintegration Unit – 0917-315-0590, 0939-925-9895
NRCO – 0910-967-4663, 0912-829-9225
Administrative and finance division – 0927-620-7300, 700-0330
DOLE OWWA AKAP – 09207742167, 09519894032, 09128324778

OWWA Region 2

Head of Office: JUVILYN ANNS B. GUMABAY – Officer-In-Charge
Address: #13 Dalan na Pavvulurun, Reg’l Gov’t Center, Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City
Contact Number:
Education and Training Unit – 0975-07- 5816, 0935-501-9751
SENA – 0935-331-9088
Welfare Assistance Program – 0935-386-8321
Welfare Assistance Unit – 0926-811-3502, 0918-965-374, 0917-504-7915

OWWA Region 3

Head of Office: ESPERANZA C. COBARRUBIAS – Officer-In-Charge
Address: 4th Flr. Ascorp Bldg, Dolores H-way, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, 2000
Contact Numbers:
Accounting – 300-0967
Welfare Assistance Unit – 0956-692-4369
Welfare Assistance Program – 0956-692-4303
Social Benefits Unit – 0956-692-4334
EDSP – 0956-692-4319
ELAP Scholarship – 0956-692-4304
ELAP Livelihood – 0956-692-4345
Reintegration – 0956-692-4361
SESP – 0956-692-4417
CASH – 0956-692-4396
SM Satellite Office – (045)455-0756
Hotlines: 09175100098, 300-0480, 300-0967, 961-6375

OWWA Region 4A

Head of Office: ALLAN A. IGNACIO – Director II
Address: Penthouse 1-3, Penthouse Bldg, Chipeco Ave., Bgy. Halang, Calamba, Laguna 4027
Contact Numbers:
Programs and Services Division – 523-7418
Membership Collection – 536-1080
Education and Training Unit – 0910-931-7157
Social Benefits Unit – 0915-830-3001
Reintegration – 0951-290-1668
Welfare Cases – 0912-443-5016
WAP – 0935-566-1505
Cash – 0947-272-8409
Rebate – 0919-838-5744
Dole AKAP – 0951-3179-111, 09634760835
Hotline: 0951-244-1378

OWWA Region 4B

Head of Office: JOSE C. CAPA- Director II
Address: 9/Flr Marc 2000 Tower, 1973 Taft Avenue cor. San Andres St., Malate, Manila 1004
Contact Numbers: 8353-9016

OWWA Region 5

Head of Office: HENRY I. MIRAFLOR – Officer-in-Charge
Address: 3rd Floor ANST Bldg, Washington Drive, Legaspi City, 4500
Contact Numbers: 09175018749, 481-4503, 201-9798
Admin – 0906-355-1471, 0963-779-9430

OWWA Region 6

Head of Office: RIZZA JOY M. MOLDES – Officer-in-Charge
Address: Robinsons Land Corporation, Level 3-156 to 164A Corner Quezon-De Leon St. Ilo-Ilo City, 5000
Contact Numbers:
Education and Training Unit – 337-4484
Admin and Accounting – 503-7091
Office of the Director – 509-1075
Hotline: 0917-832-7307, 0917-832-6336, 0919-575-2060
Rebate: 0951-214-4915, 432-2873

OWWA Region 7

Head of Office: MARTEL R. DASAYON – Director II
Address: 2nd Floor, DOLE 7 Building,Gorondo, Avenue Corner Gen. Maxillo, Cebu City 6000
Contact Numbers: 231-5291, 254-3199
Hotline: 0917-809-4754, 0918-921-4932

OWWA Region 8

Head of Office: MA. EVANGELINE V. FILAMOR – Officer-In-Charge
Address: Trece Martirez St., DOLE Compound, Tacloban City, Leyte, 6500
Contact Numbers: 09369954273, 832-1945, 321-4376
Admin and Finance – 888-3374
Globe Hotline – 9275423597

OWWA Region 9

Head of Office: RON LIONEL M. BARTOLOME – Director II
Address: 3rd Floor Goodwill Center, Mayor Jaldon St. Canelar, Zamboanga City, 7000
Contact Numbers: 991-2785, 992-1693, 991-7764, 09393747402
Supervising Administrative Officer – 993-0557
Accounting – 991-7764, 955-2553, 955-2651
Hotline: 0905-529-1791, 09187025411

OWWA Region 10

Head of Office: HARRY B. BORRES – Officer-In-Charge
Address: 2nd Floor, Trinidad Building, Corrales-Yacapin Street, Cagayan de Oro City, 9000
Contact Numbers: 0917-324-6405, 722-863, 728-341
Hotline: 0917-548-0033, 0917-771-6422

OWWA Region 11

Head of Office: CARMELO T. ELAYA – Officer-In-Charge
Address: Doors 31 E-G, GB Cam Bldg, Monteverde Street, Davao City, 8000
Contact Numbers: 0976-069-4647
Programs and Services Division – 221-8593, 322-9339, 227-9536
Accounting – 322-9153
Hotline – 0951-052-3418, 0963-538-5149

OWWA Region 12

Head of Office: MARILOU M. SUMALINOG – Officer-In-Charge
Address: Ilao Building, Judge Alba Street, Zone 3, Koronadal City, 9506
Contact Numbers:0917-804-9498
ADMIN – 228-1076
Programs and Services Division – 228-1076, 0917-8094-346
Accounting – 228-7513
Hotline: 0917-572-1303, 0908-888-1303


Head of Office: UGA L. SULAIMAN – Officer-In-Charge
Address: 2nd flr Mags Audio Accessories Bldg, 039 Quezon Avenue, Cotabato City 9600
Contact Numbers:0917-622-0141, 557-1815, 421-7237
Hotline: 0917-622-0140


Head of Office: MA. IREEN C. CAMBALING- Officer-In-Charge
Address: Nimfa Tiu Building II, J.P. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City, 8600
Contact Numbers: 9178648922
Admin and Finance – 817-3504
OWWA-NRCO – 0938-231-2119
Reintegration Unit – 0912-328-9262
Education and Training Unit – 0938-316-3838
Hotline: 0917-315-0590, 0939-925-9895

Note: If there is no OWWA office in your province, there are some OWWA Satellite offices (field offices) that also cater to inquiries about OWWA projects. There are also One-Stop Service Center for OFWs (OSSCO) that are located in key areas in the city you are based and you can check the OWWA counter from these offices if you want to renew your OWWA membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about OWWA regional welfare offices in the Philippines

1. What is the meaning of OWWA?

OWWA stands for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

2. What is OWWA’s role and objective?

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or OWWA is the Philippines’ social welfare agency that serves Filipino migrant workers. Its mission statement is to protect, develop, and empower overseas Filipinos through education, assistance, training, security, and support programs.

3. Who needs OWWA membership and why?

All Overseas Filipino Workers are required to have OWWA Membership so that they can get some good benefits. This is your form of insurance abroad and during times of need and assistance, you can get the maximum coverage available.

4. How much does it cost to be a member of OWWA in the Philippines?

The cost is only USD 25 and it is valid for 2 years.

5. What OWWA benefits can I get as an OWWA member?

As an OWWA member, some of the benefits include accident coverage, emergency funds to be sent in emergency cases of death or incapacitation, maternity support, and other health care services for spouses and children of OWWA members.

6. Do I need to set up an appointment to visit the OWWA office?

Depending on the purpose of your visit and the project you will avail, you may need to book an OWWA appointment in the Regional Welfare Office. Especially in this time of health crisis that walk-ins may be prohibited. Please contact your nearest OWWA office to inquire about the process for this.

7. How do I update my OWWA online?

You can update your OWWA account online. Log in to your OWWA account and go to the “Personal Status” page and then click on the “Update OWWA Personal Information” link. You may choose to update your personal information and/or change status (from an overseas worker who is here in the Philippines, for example) at this time—either way, you must still provide verification when prompted. If you’ve lost or not received a form of identification, such as a passport or driver’s license since returning from abroad, including any possible alternative forms of identification in your online submission to show that you are who you say you are.

8. Where can I find more information about OWWA?

You may check their website at or you may inquire from your local official OWWA office so that they can give you more information and insights about the agency.


So the above is the list of OWWA offices in the Philippines. Please make sure to inquire from each office if an appointment is needed before you go to the physical address. This is to prevent you from being denied entry due to physical distancing measures applied.

There are OWWA offices in every region so that you can easily access and inquire about the existing programs and services available for OFWs.

For those of us who are Overseas Filipino Workers, we need to be aware that having an active OWWA membership can help us if had ever leave our country for work. This is also a form of support and protection from any kind of situation and traumatic experiences while working outside of the Philippines. We can even update our personal information. I hope this article is beneficial for all Overseas Filipino Workers.

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