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The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration features online services for Filipinos abroad to access in the form of OWWA eServices portal. Members can access services like the OWWA rebate portal, apply for OWWA e-Card, fill out the OWWA OASIS form, or register for the OWWA Mobile App. These online features from OWWA are meant to help Pinoys worldwide.

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While the Philippines is known to be one of the top Internet users worldwide, it cannot be denied that a number of Filipinos still have little to zero knowledge or access to basic Internet services. And when abroad, it can be a hassle to reach out to local and national services when you don’t know what to look for.

Good thing the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ceaselessly extends their hands to our OFWs through their e-services or online platforms where their flagship services are being offered.

owwa eservices online services


OWWA’s e-services come into place in hopes of helping Filipinos abroad with their concerns in a systematic fashion. From information databases, and contact forms to rebates and membership perks, the agency’s online services cater to all OFW members and their dependents in the country to promote and protect their interest.

From information databases, and contact forms to rebates and membership perks, the agency’s online services cater to all OFW members and their dependents in the country to promote and protect their interest.

OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS)

The OFW Assistance Information System, better known as OASIS, is an online database developed by the Department of Labor and Employment to facilitate smooth and systematic service delivery for OFWs. This was established in light of the COVID-19 surge which had greatly affected the labor industry, hence causing many OFWs to be dismissed or retrenched from their jobs. OASIS then serves as a contact form for OFWs in crisis who wish to be repatriated and receive additional support from the national government. 

The form is also synced to databases of POEA, OWWA offices, and POLO offices worldwide. Therefore, by filling up the OASIS Application Form, you consent to the use and storing of your personal and occupational information by the agencies to respond to your concerns and provide you with the necessary assistance in light of the COVID-19 surge, from repatriation, testing, quarantine and transportation, among others. Rest assured, though, that all information gathered and stored through OASIS will be used in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

OFWs may register to OASIS via website at https://oasis.owwa.gov.ph/. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm their registration, as well as a link to their profile should updates be necessary.

OWWA OFW e-Card 

OWWA has also released the OFW e-Card which serves as identification for OFWs worldwide and counts as a government-issued ID should they need to transact with remittance centers, POLO offices, or the Philippine Consulate or Embassy in their country of employment. Having a valid OFW e-Card certifies that an OFW is active and legally documented.

Currently, the OFW e-Card is given only to “Balik-Manggagawa” or OFWs who have been rehired by the same employer, either in the same location or a new one, who are active OWWA members for no less than ninety (90) days, and carry a valid passport and Overseas Employment Certificate or Contract. This is because the program is yet in its pilot phase, but by the second phase of the program, new OFWs, whether directly hired or hired by Government Placement Branches (GPBs), will be able to apply as well.

Applying for an OFW e-Card is free of charge and open to OFWs worldwide. Interested applicants may register online at https://ecard.owwa.gov.ph/ and may track their status via their online tracker at https://ecardtracker.owwa.gov.ph/

OFW Rebate Program and Portal

The OFW Rebate Program was launched in 2019, in compliance with Section 54 of the OWWA Act (Republic Act 10801) in order to assist OFWs and their dependents. The OFW Rebate Portal, therefore, serves as the online platform for the program, which active OWWA OFW members are entitled to register in.

The rebate program allows land and sea-based OWWA OFW members who have been active for at least ten (10) years and have not been a beneficiary of OWWA’s benefit and subsidy programs, such as scholarships, short-term training programs, welfare assistance programs and membership benefits, to receive a sum corresponding to a part of their contribution. Do note, however, that the OWWA Rebate is a percentage of the total OWWA contributions, and not a full cashback or refund.

Interested OFWs or their dependents may apply for the rebate program via the online portal at https://rebate.owwa.gov.ph/

OWWA Mobile App

The OWWA Mobile App is a one-stop site for OFWs to stay in the loop with the OWWA latest programs, services and other announcements. It is also the ideal site for OWWA OFW members to update their profiles, and check and renew their membership status. 

The OWWA Mobile App can be downloaded via Google Play Store for Android users (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owwa&hl=en&gl=US) or via App Store for iOS users (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/owwa-app/id1437249504).


In summary, OWWA’s E-services provide a neat solution for OFWs to easily contact them for assistance, especially when they need it most. It also allows them to stay connected with the OWWA and OFW communities by keeping updated with the latest projects and services.

As we continue to navigate through the digital landscape, more and more institutions begin to make use of such space to optimize their services and maximize their reach. And with respect to OFW concerns, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ceaselessly extends its hands through its e-services or online platforms where their flagship services are being offered. 

While technology can be an intimidating world for some, it surely is no feat for Filipinos to conquer it and get the genuine Filipino service at the touch of their screen.

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