How to Apply OWWA Rebate Program

OWWA has allotted a budget and certain programs for OFWs that can help to extend help financially. One of these programs is the OWWA Rebate Program, which is open to all OFWs that have been members for 10 years and more but have not claimed any benefits from this Philippine agency. Please be advised on the steps on how you can claim your OWWA rebate.

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A lot of OFWs say that the rebate program is beneficial, though the process requires plenty of effort. The said program still requires verification for the rebate application and documentary requirements to process and transfer the rebate to their bank account. 

how to apply for owwa rebate


If you are an OWWA member who never used any program benefits from the said government agency, then you may be able to get a rebate (percentage cashback). The rebate amount for this program will depend on how many contributions the member has made. The good thing about this program is that dependents and beneficiaries of the OFW can claim the rebate even if the member is already gone.

Unlike any other OWWA program, this Rebate Program can be donated by the beneficiaries to the OWWA Tuloy-Aral Project (TAP) to help send kids of less fortunate OFWs to get a chance to study.

It can also be used as payment for the renewal of OWWA membership for OFWs who still have active employment contracts abroad.


Those who qualified for the rebate program could receive between P941.25 and P13,177.50, depending on how much they contributed. This calculation relies on the actuarial study commissioned by OWWA which determines the OWWA Fund’s capability. 

According to the OWWA database, data from the actuarial study allowed for a total of P1 billion to be set aside for distribution to the program’s 556,000 beneficiaries. A total of P2 billion has also been set aside for distribution to the next batches of qualified OWWA members.


Here are the qualified applicants for OWWA Rebate Program:

  • OFW Members for 10 years or more
  • Members who have paid 5 or more membership contributions 
  • If you are an OFW who hasn’t received any OWWA program 
  • Qualified OFW deceased beneficiary


Prepare for the following requirements:

  • Membership ID (this will be used during inquiry)
  • Government-issued valid ID
  • Active bank account (this is where will OWWA deposit your money)

How to Apply for OWWA Rebate?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to process OWWA Rebate:

Step 1: Got to your browser and Visit

Step 2: Click the OWWA Rebate Program banner, or go to the OWWA Rebate Verification Form at

Step 3: Fill out the form to see if you’re eligible for the rebate. Make sure not to miss any required information about you. If you are not sure how to answer a certain question, look for the designated hotlines and websites you can raise your queries. The list will be provided at the end of this guide.

Step 4: If you are eligible based on your entered information, the rebate amount will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Make an appointment by selecting the date, time, and location where you want to claim your rebate. You will receive an appointment code via SMS on your mobile phone after confirmation.

Step 6: Show your appointment code, which was sent to your mobile phone via text message, on the day of the appointment.

Step 7: Share the bank account into which the OWWA rebate will be deposited.

General Guidelines

If you have been a member of OWWA for at least ten years and have not filed any claims or received benefits for yourself or your dependents, you are eligible for a government rebate. So don’t waste this opportunity to get your benefits.

If you are an Overseas Filipino worker and a member of OWWA for at least ten years, you can also be eligible for this program if you have made at least five or more contributions as of December 31, 2017, and have never used any OWWA program are eligible for a rebate.

The purpose of Republic Act 10801, also known as the OWWA Act of 2016, was to institutionalize and strengthen a wide range of services and benefits for Filipino migrant workers. 

The rebate program is funded by the $25 OWWA membership fee collected every two years from both land-based and sea-based OFWs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs about the rebate claim program by OWWA for OFWs:

1. I have questions regarding my OWWA Rebate application, where can I raise my queries?

You can use the following communication platforms:

  • Call OWWA Rebate Hotline @ 1348
  • Send a message to their official Facebook page, search for OWWA Rebate Program
  • All OWWA Regional Welfare Offices has available Help Desk for OFW Rebate Program, feel free to visit the nearest branch to you

2. What requirements do I need to bring or present on my appointment day?

You must bring the following:

  • Valid Government-issued ID such as SSS, Voter’s, GSIS, PRC, Driver’s License, Senior Citizen’s ID
  • OWWA e-card, Passport, NBI Clearance, Company ID
  • Note that you need to show your appointment code, this was sent to you via SMS during your online application

3. Can a family member or dependent process the OWWA Rebate if the OFW is still abroad?

Yes, but the OFW needs to process the application online, then the family or beneficiary in the Philippines will claim the rebate on your chosen pick-up location.

4. When will I get my OWWA rebate?

After your appointment day, you only need to wait for 1 banking day before the rebate will be credited to your account.

5. Can I set an appointment with OWWA-POLO Rebate abroad?

No, only Provincial Distribution Centers and Designated OWWA Regional Welfare Offices can set you an appointment.


OWWA Rebate Program requires plenty of documentation and effort to claim the benefits, but it will all be worth it since the amount you will be getting can help you and your family, especially during this pandemic.

To make the application easy for you, make sure to follow the steps and complete all requirements. The benefits will be released more quickly than you are expecting it.

On another note, please don’t forget to keep your OWWA membership up to date, better renew your OWWA membership now since this is a form of insurance that will only be activated once your pay the $25 OWWA member fee (valid for 2 years).

You can easily register in the OWWA mobile app to renew your OWWA account.

For any questions, you can visit the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office or call 1348 and ask about their OWWA rebate program.

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