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If you’re wondering how to boost your finances or career, one of the best solutions to achieve your goal is to consider working abroad. However, working abroad can be tricky, and many often fall victim to human trafficking and illegal recruitment. Fortunately, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) or now called the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), makes it easier for aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to hunt jobs overseas.

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Through POEA’s website, job seekers can browse legit employers and job offers. Then, click and apply online for their preferred job offers. It’s also frequently updated by POEA, making it convenient to look for overseas jobs. In addition, POEA’s website is a trusted platform that aims to protect Filipino workers from human traffickers and illegal recruiters. So if you’re considering working abroad, keep reading to find out how to search for jobs abroad via POEA’s website.

how to search poea jobs hiring abroad for filipinos


For starters, check if you’re eligible to work overseas. The minimum age criteria for all OFWs should be over 18 years old to qualify for overseas employment. If applying for domestic work, the worker should also be at least 23 years old to qualify.


If you’re eligible to work abroad, here are the primary documentary requirements you should secure when applying for jobs overseas:

  • Recent and identical 2×2 photo (2 copies)
  • Valid passport
  • Certificate of Employment with at least 2-years of work experience
  • Birth Certificate issued by PSA
  • Marriage Certificate (if a married woman)
  • Certification from the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos (if Muslim applicant)
  • Active email address
  • Diploma or Transcript of Records authenticated by CHED or DepED
  • Training Certificate from TESDA or TESDA-accredited centers
  • Board Exam Rating and PRC License (if available)
  • Postgraduate diploma (if available)

How to Search for Job Listings in POEA Website

Now, if you’re on the hunt for job offers abroad, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register at POEA Website (POPS-BaM)

poea ereg website

But before anything else, you should register an account on the POEA website or the Department of Migrant Workers Online Services Portal (POPS-BaM).

  1. Visit the POEA website or POPS-BaM thru this link:
  2. Click Let’s Go and Register in the e-Registration section.
  3. Check the I Accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Fill out the required fields and click Register.
  5. Check your registered email on POPS-BaM and copy the provided Temporary Password.
  6. Input the Temporary Password and change it to your chosen Password.
  7. Once you’ve logged in, click My Profile on the right of the dashboard.
  8. Fill out the required details.
  9. Double-check your account details and click Update Profile.
  10. Fill out the Identification Details.
  11. Input your Beneficiary details.
  12. Upload a Profile Picture and a copy of your passport to finish the account setup.

Step 2: Search for Jobs Abroad via POEA Website

Once logged in to your account, you can search for jobs abroad at the POEA website thru the following:

poea ereg dmw online hiring for different job openings
  • On the right side of the dashboard, look for My Links. Click Direct Hire Application or G2G (Government to Government) Hiring to see the available job offers. You can also check online the application guide and documentary requirements for professional and household workers.
job listings by poea dmw website
  • Another way to search for jobs abroad is via the official website of POEA/DMW at Click the Approved Job Orders tab. Next, choose if searching for a job based on Job Site, Agency, Position, or Principal. Enter the keyword and click search to see the available job offers. For instance, select position as the category and enter Architect to view the job offers. Then, you will see a list of the relevant job offers on varying sites. But also remember to verify with the concerned agency whether or not the job order is still available.
list of upcoming jobfairs in poea eregistration dmw website
  • Lastly, you can also look for overseas employment thru the virtual job fair of POEA/DMW by logging in to your POPS-BaM account. Click the Ongoing Jobfair button to see the upcoming schedules.

After looking for job offers abroad, you can apply at POEA/DMW office or the concerned recruitment agency. You can also apply thru the POEA website using your POPS-BaM account. Click the Apply Now button on the dashboard and select the job offer. Then, click the Submit Application button to proceed.

how to apply for poea jobs abroad using poea eregistration website

Reminders for POEA Website

If you’re using POEA’s website to look for jobs abroad, please keep in mind the following reminders:

  • Applying for jobs abroad via the POEA website is highly encouraged for Filipino workers to avoid illegal recruiters and human traffickers.
  • Filipino job seekers can also check the licensed recruitment agency thru POEA/DMW official website thru this link:
  • POEA is now called DMW, and their new platform is called POPS-BaM, where aspiring OFWs can look and apply for jobs online.
  • Using the POEA website, Filipino workers planning to work abroad can apply for jobs by registering a POPS-BaM account.
  • The POEA website also features a jobfair section where job seekers can see the upcoming event schedule in selected LGU, PESO, or DOLE offices.
  • Filipino workers can also search for jobs abroad without a POPS-BaM account via the official POEA/DMW website at Just click the Approved Job Orders tab and search based on Job Site, Agency, Position, and Principal.
  • Do note that POEA’s website job offers were from licensed recruitment agencies for the past two (2) years. So the remaining job orders are active unless the recruitment agency or employer cancels them.
  • On the other hand, POEA does not guarantee that the job offers are still open since the recruitment agency may have hired qualified applicants for the positions listed on the website.
  • Job seekers should confirm with the concerned agency whether or not the listed position is still active.
  • If applying for a job abroad online, qualified applicants should register and book an appointment thru POPS-BaM at to submit their requirements.
  • Also, ensure your POPS-BaM account is complete before applying for a job abroad to qualify for the job order.
  • For more details on how to search for jobs via the POEA website, job seekers should contact DMW and create an e-Registration account on POPS-BaM.

Video: Paano Mag Inquire ng Licensed Recruitment Agencies at Approved Job Orders sa DMW (POEA)

To learn more about how to search for jobs abroad via POEA/DMW website, please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, you can check the list of licensed recruitment agencies thru the POEA/DMW website. You can also search if an agency still has a valid, suspended, or canceled license to ensure you’re applying for a legit job offer. Aside from that, the new POEA/DMW website enables searching for Approved Job Orders. Choose the category to search based on Job Site, Agency, Position, or Principal. Then, enter the relevant keyword and search. The listed job offers will appear, showing the job site, agency, position, JO balance, and date the job order was approved. Thus, the POEA/DMW website can help Filipino job seekers find a legit employer and job offer abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply abroad via POEA Website?

If applying abroad via POEA/DMW website, you should create an e-Registration account at POPS-BaM thru this link: After registering an account, complete your account details. Next, click the Apply Now button on the dashboard to see the available job orders. Choose a job offer and click View Details. Read the Hiring Details, including the qualifications, submission, and requirements. Then, click the Submit Application button.

How long does it take for POEA to approve a job?

For those applying via POEA, complete Phase 1 of the application process. It will take 3-7 wording days to process your job application. Also, don’t forget to get a PEOS certificate and pay the processing fee to get a job abroad.

How to know if POEA approved my job application?

To determine if POEA approved your job application, check your POPS-BaM account or contact them thru their hotlines and official Facebook page and website.

Can you walk in at POEA?

No, you cannot walk into POEA. With POEA’s website, you can check the requirements and book an appointment. But you should register a POPS-BaM account to book an appointment with POEA.

How to process direct hire in POEA?

You can also process direct hire applications thru the POEA website by logging in to your POPS-BaM account. In addition, you can see the list of requirements and even apply online.


In summary, finding a job abroad is trouble-free and safer with POEA/DMW website. The website is a good platform for Filipino workers to look for jobs abroad and even verify the status of recruitment agencies. Moreover, aspiring OFWs are encouraged to register a POPS-BaM account to find jobs abroad. It also allows Filipino workers to apply for job orders online, making it convenient and safe. The POEA/DMW website also features virtual job fairs to inform job seekers of opportunities abroad.

Considering that working abroad is often uncertain and challenging, the POEA/DMW website assures Filipino workers they are applying for a legit job offer and employer abroad. Thus, aspiring OFWs will have less to worry about and be safe from illegal recruitment and human trafficking. So if you or someone you know is considering working abroad, the best platform to hunt for overseas jobs would be POEA/DMW website.

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