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For OFWs in South Africa with expired OWWA memberships, renewing your membership is necessary to ensure access to varying OWWA benefits. We also encourage OFWs in South Africa who have acquired employment through a visit visa to apply voluntarily for OWWA membership. And to make things easier, we’ve created an in-depth guide for OWWA membership in South Africa. We also added the contact details of relevant offices where you can inquire or request assistance. So read on!

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is a government agency authorized to promote and protect the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their dependents. This agency works with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), and the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) or previously known as the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). These agencies confirm OFWs’ legal employment and access to OWWA benefits.

Under the OWWA membership, OFWs and their dependents can access programs, services, and support to improve their well-being and living conditions. OWWA also provides legal assistance for OFWs with employer issues and financial aid in times of need. In addition, active OWWA members can access different programs, such as scholarships, educational training, and livelihood. It also acts as insurance by providing OFWs with medical, disability, calamity, death, and burial assistance. Thus, we encourage OFWs in South Africa to renew or apply for OWWA membership to enjoy maximum OWWA benefits.

owwa membership application in south africa


Whether it’s your first time applying for or renewing your OWWA membership in South Africa, here are the primary documentary requirements you should comply with:

  1. Duly-accomplished OWWA Information Sheet.
  2. Copy of valid Philippine passport (showing data page)
  3. Copy of Employment Contract or any of the following proof of present employment:
  4. Certificate of Employment
  5. Company ID
  6. Copy of latest payslip
  7. Permit to Stay or Work Permit
  8. Other relevant documents proving continuous employment abroad
  9. OWWA Membership fee of US$25.00 converted to ZAR based on the foreign exchange rate


With the services, programs, and assistance OWWA offers, many OFWs aspire to become OWWA members. However, not all OFWs can become OWWA members since they should meet and maintain the qualification criteria set by OWWA. OFWs who want to apply for or renew their OWWA membership should have active and continuous work and are “legal” or “documented” workers with valid work permits and visas.

Meanwhile, OFWs who have obtained permanent residency status in foreign countries can become OWWA members. But they should remain Filipino citizens with full-time or permanent employment. On the other hand, OFWs who cannot meet and maintain the qualification criteria cannot apply for or renew their OWWA membership, including employees:

  • Due for termination
  • Terminated
  • Due for cancellation
  • Canceled
  • Resigned
  • No work, No pay

Booking an OWWA Appointment in South Africa

As of writing, an online appointment system for OWWA membership isn’t available in South Africa since this country doesn’t have a designated POLO. So OFWs in South Africa should contact the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria regarding OWWA membership appointments.

The nearest POLO-OWWA office from South Africa is in Rabat, Morocco. Although South Africa is not under their jurisdiction, OFWs may contact their office for inquiries on OWWA membership. Another way to book an appointment for OWWA membership is through DMW or OWWA Regional office for OFWs vacationing in the Philippines.

Applying for OWWA Membership in South Africa

There is no relevant detail regarding OWWA membership on the official website and Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in South Africa. But they do conduct a Consular Outreach Mission in countries under their jurisdiction. Thus, we advise OFWs in South Africa to contact the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria for more details.

For those vacationing in the Philippines, process your OWWA membership at DMW or OWWA Regional office. You can also request assistance from your agency in processing OWWA membership. Lastly, OFWs in South Africa can conveniently renew their membership through the OWWA mobile.

Paying OWWA Membership in South Africa

Considering there are no details for OWWA membership in South Africa, we advise OFWs to confirm if the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria offers on-site registration or renewal. If they do, you can pay the OWWA membership fee during your application. You can also pay the contribution fee on-site with DMW and OWWA Regional offices.

But there are many options to pay for the OWWA membership if you choose to renew your membership via OWWA mobile app. You can pay through an online bank, e-wallet, or over-the-counter payment centers in the Philippines. Also, you can ask your relatives to pay the contribution fee if you’re not in the Philippines.

Step-by-step process of Paying the OWWA membership

Via On-site OWWA Membership Registration/Renewal

  1. Contact DMW, OWWA Regional office, or the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria.
  2. Book an appointment for OWWA membership.
  3. Print a copy of your confirmed appointment and secure the documentary requirements.
  4. Visit the relevant office or designated application site on the day of your appointment.
  5.  Proceed to the OWWA counter and submit your requirements for evaluation.
  6. Pay the OWWA membership fee and collect the official receipt.

Via OWWA mobile app

  1. Download the OWWA mobile app on your device.
  2. Register an account. Also, provide an active email since it’s where you’ll receive your temporary login details.
  3. Check your email and copy the login details.
  4. Return to the OWWA mobile app and enter the login details sent to your email.
  5. Once you’ve logged in to your account, click the Information button at the lower tab.
  6. Next, you’ll see your membership status, if active or inactive.
  7. If inactive, click Renew Membership Here and accept the Terms of Service.
  8. Double-check or update your employment details if necessary. Then, click Submit.
  9. On the LandBank payment portal page, click Payment Option and choose your preferred payment method.
  10. Copy the Reference Number and follow the payment instructions to pay the OWWA membership fee.
  11. Then, take a screenshot of your transaction or the provided electronic receipt.

Reminders for OWWA Membership in South Africa

Please take note of the following reminders for OWWA membership in South Africa:

  • As of writing, South Africa doesn’t have a designated POLO or an online appointment system for OWWA membership. The nearest POLO-OWWA office is in Rabat, Morocco.
  • OFWs in South Africa may process their OWWA membership through the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria, OWWA mobile app, DMW, or OWWA Regional office.
  • OFWs visiting the Embassy or any government office should wear proper attire. It is strictly prohibited to wear sleeveless or tank tops, sando, shorts, miniskirts, ripped jeans, and slippers.
  • OFWs processing OWWA membership on-site should bring proof of confirmed appointment schedule, a Covid-19 vaccination card, or a Negative RT-PCR test took 48 hours from the visit.
  • Considering there is no relevant detail for OWWA membership in South Africa, OFWs should contact their agency or the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria for inquiries and information. You may also visit their official website and Facebook page for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to book an appointment with OWWA in South Africa?

As of writing, an online OWWA appointment isn’t available in South Africa.

2. How do I renew my OWWA membership in South Africa?

You can renew your OWWA membership in South Africa via the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria, OWWA mobile app, DMW, or OWWA Regional office.

3. How to renew OWWA membership online?

Download and register an account on OWWA mobile app to renew your OWWA membership online.

4. How much is OWWA membership in South Africa?

The OWWA membership fee in South Africa is US$25.00 converted to ZAR based on the foreign exchange rate.

5. Can I pay for the OWWA membership online?

You can pay for the OWWA membership online via OWWA mobile app.

6. How long is OWWA membership valid?

OWWA membership is valid for two years.

7. Why my OWWA membership is inactive?

The OWWA membership becomes inactive if the two-year validity has passed or you’ve changed employers.

8. Is OWWA membership mandatory?

OWWA membership is mandatory if processing employment at DMW.

9. Are all OFW member of OWWA?

Not all OFW since OWWA has since OWWA has qualification criteria applicants should meet.

10. Who can avail of OWWA benefits?

OWWA benefits are available to active members, while inactive members can only access limited benefits.

Video: OWWA membership BENEFITS AND SERVICES | malaking tulong sa mga OFW!

For more details on OWWA membership, please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, OFWs need to become OWWA members since they offer many benefits. OWWA members can enjoy varying social benefits and education and training assistance programs. Moreover, OFWs can access workers’ welfare assistance programs and social and family welfare services. Thus, OFWs will surely benefit OFWs and their dependents.


In summary, OFWs in South Africa should ensure renewing or applying for OWWA membership to access the necessary protection and assistance they need.

We also advise OFWs to contact the relevant offices to request assistance with OWWA membership since there is no specific detail regarding the application process in South Africa.

Contact Details

Philippine Embassy in South Africa
Address: 54 Nicolson St., Muckleneuk 0181, Pretoria, South Africa
P.O. Box 2562, Brooklyn Square 0075, Pretoria, South Africa
Facebook Page:
Telephone Number: (+27) 12 346-2468/ (+27) 12 346-0452
Fax Number: (+27) 12 346-0454

POLO-OWWA Rabat, Morocco
Operating Hours: 9:00 to 6:00 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at Rabat)
10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Every Thursday at the Honorary Consulate Casablanca)
Address: #1 Avenue Al Arz, Block 1 Sector 8, Hay Riyad, Rabat, Morocco 10100
24/7 Hotline: +212-660333587
Office Landline Number: +212-808568852
Mobile Number: +212-660764577 (For OWWA Membership)
Email: (For Welfare Concerns)
Facebook Page:

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