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If you’re an OFW in China and wondering how to apply for OWWA membership, you’re in the right place. We will share the different OWWA membership applications or renewal processes in China. So you can access the services, programs, and support from the government. If you also acquired employment in China via a visit visa, you should apply voluntarily for the OWWA membership. And without further ado, let’s dive into details.

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is an agency mandated to promote and protect the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their dependents. This agency works with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), and the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) or previously known as the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). All the said agencies help to verify OFW’s legal employment and assist those accessing benefits.

Furthermore, the OWWA membership gives OFWs access to varying services, programs, and support to assist in their careers and improve the lives of their dependents. OWWA also provides legal assistance to employers with employer issues and Covid-19 financial aid. Also, active OWWA members can enjoy livelihood programs, loans, education and training benefits, scholarships, and repatriation and reintegration program. The OWWA membership also serves as an insurance policy assisting in medical, disability, calamity, death, and burial. Therefore, OFWs in China are encouraged to renew or apply for OWWA membership to access its maximum benefits.

owwa membership in china


Whether you’re applying for the first time or renewing your OWWA membership, you should secure specific requirements for evaluation. But since there isn’t a designated POLO across Mainland China, OFWs can only process their OWWA membership at the nearest POLO-OWWA offices in Macau and Hong Kong. Thus, OFWs in China should comply with the following requirements for applicants in Macau and Hong Kong, including:

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet.
  3. Photocopy of Active and Valid Employment Contract or proof of employment such as:
  4. Certificate of employment
  5. Company ID
  6. Latest payslip
  7. Re-entry permit
  8. Proof of employers identify for Household Service Workers (HSWs)
  9. Photocopy of Valid Visa, Work Permit
  10. Original and photocopy of passport (showing the data page)
  11. OFWs must present a letter of certification from the employer or company, verifying that they are not on the list of terminated, resigned, canceled, or employees due for termination.
  12. OWWA membership fee of US$25.00 (converted to local currency based on foreign exchange rate)

Also, OFWs should contact their chosen POLO-OWWA office regarding the latest requirements for OWWA membership applications in China.


While the membership offered by OWWA aims to assist OFWs and their dependents, not everyone is qualified to become a member, as they should meet OWWA’s eligibility criteria. For OFWs to qualify for membership, OWWA requires its members to be actively and continuously working and should be “legal” or “documented” workers with valid work permits and visas. In addition, OWWA also accepts OFW members who have obtained permanent residency status in foreign countries and remains Filipino citizens with full-time or permanent employment.

On the contrary, considering that OFWs should have active and continuous work to qualify as members, the following individuals cannot apply for or renew their OWWA membership, including:

  • Due for termination
  • Terminated
  • Due for cancellation
  • Canceled
  • Resigned
  • Under the “No work, No pay” scheme

Booking an OWWA Appointment in China

As stated earlier, Mainland China doesn’t have a designated POLO. So OFWs can only apply or renew their OWWA membership at POLO-OWWA offices outside Mainland China, including Macau and Hong Kong. If you choose to process at POLO-OWWA Macau, you should know that they implement a “Strictly By Appointment Only” policy for OWWA membership application or renewal.

On the other hand, if you prefer to process with POLO-OWWA Hong Kong, they currently don’t have an online appointment system for OWWA membership on their new website. But they previously had an online appointment system on their old website. Thus, OFWs should contact their office regarding the OWWA appointment.

Lastly, if the POLO-OWWA offices are too far from your workplace in China, you can book an appointment with any DMW offices if you’re vacationing in the Philippines. OFWs can also contact the Philippine Embassy in Beijing for more details.


According to a Facebook post of POLO-OWWA Macau, all OFWs applying or renewing their OWWA membership should book an appointment here. Register and log in to your account and proceed with booking an appointment at your preferred time and date.

Via POLO-OWWA Hong Kong

On the old website of POLO Hong Kong, they previously had an online appointment system for labor-related services, including OWWA membership application or renewal. But on their new website, an online appointment system is currently unavailable. So OFWs should contact POLO-OWWA Hong Kong to book an appointment.

Applying for OWWA membership in China

For OFWs who prefer to visit the POLO-OWWA offices outside Mainland China, you should contact them regarding the appointment and the latest OWWA membership requirements. Also, don’t forget to ask about the current OWWA membership fee and bring proof of your scheduled appointment on the day of your visit.

But if you’re looking for a convenient and alternative way to apply for OWWA membership that doesn’t require an appointment, download the OWWA mobile app. This process is more applicable for OFWs who don’t have the time to visit POLO-OWWA offices in Macau and Hong Kong to renew their OWWA membership. Download the OWWA mobile app on your device, register, log in to your account and renew your membership anytime and anywhere.

Paying OWWA Membership in China

If you’re not vacationing soon in the Philippines and you need to apply for the OWWA membership, there are two ways to pay the OWWA membership fee in China, including:

Via POLO-OWWA Macau/Hong Kong

  1. Visit POLO-OWWA on the scheduled appointment date.
  2. Present your proof of scheduled appointment, if applicable.
  3. Proceed to the OWWA counter and submit your documents for evaluation.
  4. Then, head to the payment counter to pay the OWWA membership fee and claim the official receipt.

Via OWWA mobile app

  1. Download the OWWA mobile app on your device.
  2. Register an account. Also, provide an active email as it’s where you’ll receive your temporary login details.
  3. Check your email and copy the login details.
  4. Return to the OWWA mobile app and enter the login details sent to your email.
  5. Once you’ve logged in to your account, click the Information button at the lower tab.
  6. Next, you’ll see your membership status, if active or inactive.
  7. If inactive, click Renew Membership Here and accept the Terms of Service.
  8. Double-check or update your employment details if necessary. Then, click Submit.
  9. On the LandBank payment portal page, click Payment Option and choose your preferred payment method.
  10. Copy the Reference Number and follow the payment instructions to pay the OWWA membership fee.
  11. Then, take a screenshot of your transaction or the provided electronic receipt.

Reminders for OWWA Membership in China

To successfully apply or renew your OWWA membership in China, take note of the following reminders:

  • Mainland China doesn’t have a designated POLO, and the nearest POLO-OWWA offices are outside its territory, in Macau and Hong Kong.
  • OFWs can also renew their OWWA membership via the OWWA mobile app.
  • For OFWs vacationing in the Philippines, you can book an appointment with any DMW office to apply for or renew your OWWA membership.
  • Bring your Covid-19 vaccination card or a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test if applying for OWWA membership on-site as the POLO-OWWA, the Embassy, and DMW offices may require it before allowing entry to applicants.
  • Ensure to bring proof of your scheduled appointment during your visit since it may serve as your gate pass.
  • Applicants visiting any government offices for the OWWA membership application or renewal are advised to wear proper attire and avoid wearing sleeveless or tank tops, sando, shorts, miniskirts, ripped jeans, and slippers. Doing so will prohibit the applicant’s entry to the premise even if they have a confirmed appointment schedule.
  • OFWs should check the official Facebook page and website of POLO-OWWA Macau and Hong Kong or contact their offices for more details.
  • In addition, OFWs can reach out to the Philippine Embassy in Beijing or the nearest Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Chongqing.


For more details on OWWA membership, please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, OWWA mobile app allows OFWs to verify the status of their OWWA membership. You can also renew your OWWA membership in the app if your membership is inactive. The OWWA mobile app also enables OFWs to update their information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to book an appointment with OWWA in China?

There is no designated POLO-OWWA office in Mainland China, and an appointment is currently available at POLO-OWWA Macau.

2. How do I renew my OWWA membership in China?

To renew your OWWA membership in China, book an appointment with POLO-OWWA Macau or Hong Kong or via OWWA mobile app.

3. How to renew OWWA membership online?

Download the OWWA mobile app on your device to renew your OWWA membership online.

4. How much is OWWA membership in China?

The OWWA membership fee is US$25.00 converted to local currency based on the foreign exchange rate.

5. Can I pay for the OWWA membership online?

You can pay for the OWWA membership online via OWWA mobile app.

6. How long is OWWA membership valid?

OWWA membership is valid for two years.

7. Why my OWWA membership is inactive?

OWWA membership becomes inactive if the two-year validity has passed or you’ve changed employers.

8. Is OWWA membership mandatory?

OWWA membership is mandatory if you process employment at DMW.

9. Are all OFW member of OWWA?

Not all OFW are OWWA members, as they should meet the eligibility criteria of OWWA.

10. Who can avail of OWWA benefits?

OWWA benefits are available to active members, while inactive members can only access limited benefits.


OFWs in China have many ways to process their OWWA membership application or renewal. Those working close to POLO-OWWA Macau can book an appointment online, while OFWs near POLO-OWWA Hong Kong should contact their office.

OFWs in Beijing should also contact the Philippine Embassy or PCG offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Chongqing for more details. Additionally, OFWs can renew their OWWA membership via OWWA mobile app or at DMW when vacationing in the Philippines. Therefore, OFWs in China are encouraged to keep their OWWA membership active.

Contact Details

Philippine Embassy in Beijing, China
Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday
Address: 23 Xiu Shui Beijie, Jianguomenwai Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100600
Telephone Number: +86 138 1027 8920

Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday
Address: 2909 29/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
OWWA Hong Kong Hotline: +852-6345-9324
POLO Hong Kong Hotline: +852-5529-1880, +852 2866 0640
POLO Hong Kong Email:
Facebook Page:

Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday
Address: 1406 14th Floor AIA Tower Building 251A-301, Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau SAR
Telephone Numbers: Landline- +853 2871 5039, POLO- +853 6687 2509, OWWA- +853 6258 7887
POLO Email:,
OWWA Email:,
Facebook Page:,

PCG Guangzhou
Address: Rm. 706-712, Guangdong International Bldg. 339 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510098, People’s Republic of China
Telephone Number: +86 20 8331 1461
Facebook Page:

PCG Shanghai
Address: Suite 301 Metrobank Plaza, 1160 Yan’An Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200052, People’s Republic of China
Telephone Number: +86 21 6281 8020
Emergency Hotline: +86 21 139 1747 7112

PCG Xiamen
Address: Nos. 2 and 3 Lingxiang Li, Lianhua Xin Cun, Siming District, Xiamen City, 361009, Fujian Province, People’s Republic of China
Telephone Number: (+86 592) 513 0355 / 513 0366
Emergency Hotline: +86 1890 5921 595

PCG Chongqing
Address: Unit 2202-2203, 22nd Floor, Chongqing World Financial Center No. 188 Minzu Road, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, People’s Republic of China
Telephone Number: (+86 23) 6381-0832 / 6380-9532
Facebook Page:

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