How to Apply OEC Certificate in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Acquiring an OEC is necessary for individuals who wish to work abroad and get legal employment. If you’re already an OFW in Abu Dhabi, you will still have to apply for an OEC if you’re going home for vacation or other reasons and returning to fulfill your contract at the POLO office.

So whether you’re a returning worker or acquired new employment from a different employer, follow this guide to apply for OEC in Abu Dhabi.

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All Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to acquire an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to verify the legality of their employment and ensure proper documentation.

OEC is also referred to as an exit clearance or pass that OFWs need to present to the immigration officer in the airport before they’re allowed to leave or go back to their employment abroad. Thus, OFWs should ensure an active OEC if they’re going home to the Philippines and returning to Abu Dhabi to fulfill or renew their employment contracts.

apply for oec balik manggagawa certificate abu dhabi uae
OEC certificate application in Abu Dhabi


For OFWs who plan to go home to the Philippines for a short period and return very soon, you may apply for an OEC in Abu Dhabi by securing the following requirements:

OEC Requirements for Domestic Workers

If you’re a Domestic Worker in UAE or employed as a Housemaid, Babysitter, Private Driver, Private Nurse, Cook, Servant, or Household Service Worker, here are the necessary documents you must secure:

  • One original copy and photocopy of duly accomplished Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) Contract, including a DW code 25 to 20
  • POLO Verified Employment Contract or UAE Domestic Worker Contract should include the signature of the Domestic Worker and Employer or Sponsor
  • The Employer or Sponsor’s signature on the contract should be identical to their Passport and Emirates ID signatures,
  • Two copies of Valid Residence Visa
  • Original and two photocopies of passport valid for at least six months before the date of departure
  • Any proof of employment such as a Certificate of Employment, company ID, or latest payslip
  • OEC fee of AED 10
  • Personal appearance only

Additional Documents from the Employer or Sponsor

  • Two photocopies of Valid Passport
  • Two photocopies of Emirates ID
  • Two photocopies of Valid Visa (if the Employer or Sponsor is an Expat)

If the Employer or Sponsor doesn’t have a signature on their passport or Emirates ID, they should personally appear at the POLO office to provide a signature or thumb mark. Nonetheless, the OFW may present a video where the Employer or Sponsor provides their signature if they’re too old or sick to visit the POLO office.

Also, For OFWs working in Abu Dhabi but whose visa is from other countries, they must submit documents proving that their Employer or Sponsor is living or working in Abu Dhabi, like a tenancy contract or billing statement, including telephone and DEWA bill.

Additional Requirements for OFWs currently in the Philippines

You can also get an OEC if you’re in the Philippines and returning to Abu Dhabi for work by submitting the stated requirements above and the following documents:

  • UAE departure boarding pass copy
  • Philippine Immigration arrival sticker/ stamp copy
  • Present an authorization letter from the Sponsor or Employer if the documents are to be submitted by an OFWs proxy. The Sponsor or Employer can also personally appear if the worker is not available.
  • Valid ID Photocopy of the Authorized person


Before applying for an OEC, ensure that you’re qualified and meet the following criteria:

  • OFWs who acquired work from an overseas Employer or Sponsor via direct hiring
  • OFWs hired via a recruitment agency
  • OFWs hired via POEA’s Government Placement Branch (GBP)

How to Book an OEC Appointment in POLO Abu Dhabi

Once you have compiled the necessary documents, the next step is to book an appointment with the POLO Abu Dhabi office since they implement a “No Appointment, No Entry” policy.

In addition, the process of applying for an OEC is the same as in other POLO offices, where OFWs need to book an online appointment for Contract Verification before acquiring an OEC.

Booking an OEC online Appointment via POPS-BaM

And if you already have a Verified Employment Contract, follow the steps below to book an OEC appointment with the POLO Abu Dhabi office.

  1. Go to the POEA Online Services Portal website at
  2. Log in to your e-Registration account. If you’re a new user, click Let’s Go to register an account and complete your profile details.
  3. Under My Links on the dashboard page, click Balik Manggagawa.
  4. Enter your departure date and click Next.
  5. If you’re returning to the same employer or a Balik Manggawa, you can avail of exemption and print your OEC. If not, proceed to the next step to book an appointment.
  6. Check and update your contact details and click Submit.
  7. Choose the Processing Location and available date for an appointment.
  8. Once you’ve booked an appointment, print the confirmation.

How to Get OEC Balik Manggagawa in POLO Abu Dhabi

If you’re not a Balik Manggagawa or not returning to the same employer, you have to apply for an OEC in the POLO Abu Dhabi office. But before that, make sure that you have a verified employment contract since it’s a requirement when applying for OEC. Furthermore, ensure to prepare the following before heading to the POLO Abu Dhabi office:

  • Original Passport
  • Three printed copies of BM Online Appointment or Information Sheet
  • Airline tickets or other documents containing your flight information

And to get an OEC in POLO Abu Dhabi, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the POLO Abu Dhabi office once you have a confirmed appointment schedule.
  2. Bring and show the security guard a printed copy of your confirmed appointment to enter the office.
  3. Wait for your turn and submit the requirements at the OEC window for verification.
  4. Pay the necessary fees and wait for the release of your OEC and other documents.

Take note, OFWs who are qualified to get an OEC exemption are only Balik Manggagawa or workers returning to the same employer in the same or different locations. The OEC exemption also applies to OFWs with a valid or verified employment contract and working permit or visa. However, POLO will not release an OEC to workers who came to UAE on a tourist or visit visa and converted to a work visa later.

How to Get OEC Online in Abu Dhabi

On the other hand, if you’re qualified to get an OEC online, it is ideal and convenient to apply for it using the POPS-BaM online system. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the POEA Online Services Portal website at
  2. Log in to your e-Registration account.
  3. Click the Balik Manggagawa on the dashboard page under My Links. If your profile lacks some data, provide the needed update to proceed.
  4. Enter your departure date and click Next.
  5. Check and update the details on your contract if applicable.
  6. If you’re a Balik Manggagawa or returning to the same employer, answer yes to the two questions provided to proceed.
  7. Then, check the details of your OEC before printing it. Also, make sure to get OEC 60 days before the departure date.

Video: How to get OEC using the new system for OFW Balik Manggagawa

For more details on the OEC application, please watch the video below:

As shown in the video, the POPS-Bam online system allows OFWs to update the information in their contract. OFWs can also transfer their old BM account into their e-Registration account 2-6 hours after registration by finding their record.

Moreover, Balik Manggagawa or returning workers can conveniently print their OEC using the new system, exempting them from paying the fees. So the POPS-BaM online system is convenient for OFWs who need to acquire an OEC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these common questions and answers for Filipinos based in Abu Dhabi about how they can get the OEC at the POLO office in the Philippine Embassy in UAE:

1. How can I get an OEC exemption in Abu Dhabi?

You can get an OEC exemption if you’re a Balik Manggagawa or workers returning to the same employer with a verified employment contract, visa, or work permit.

2. How can I get OEC online in Abu Dhabi?

To get an OEC online in Abu Dhabi, log in to your POPS-BaM account. Also, ensure that you’re a Balik Manggagawa since they’re the only one qualified to get an OEC online.

3. How can I book an OEC appointment online?

You can book an OEC appointment online using the POPS-BaM online system.

4. Is OEC still required for OFW in 2022?

Yes, OEC is still required by POEA for all OFWs since it’s an exit clearance needed to leave the country for overseas employment.

5. Can I get OEC in Abu Dhabi without an appointment?

No, you won’t be able to get an OEC in Abu Dhabi without an appointment since the POLO Abu Dhabi office implements a “No Appointment, No Entry” policy.

6. Can I get OEC at the airport?

You can get OEC at the Philippine airport, especially if you’re on emergency leave or have confirmed flight booking.

7. How long is OEC valid?

The OEC is only valid for 60 days.

8. How much is the OEC fee in Abu Dhabi?

The OEC fee in Abu Dhabi is AED 10.

9. Can I get OEC without OWWA membership?

You need to have an active OWWA membership before you acquire an OEC.

10. Do I need OEC to go back to the Philippines?

No, you don’t need an OEC when returning to the Philippines. It is only required if you’re leaving the country for work.


Overall, applying for OEC in Abu Dhabi is very easy for OFWs as long as they provide the necessary documents.

Also, OFWs returning to the same employer can get their OEC at the tip of their hands using the POPS-BaM online system, exempting them from paying fees.

But most of all, OEC benefits OFWs by providing them the privilege of travel tax and airport terminal fees exemption.

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