Individual Contract Verification MWO London, United Kingdom

contract verification in mwo london uk migrant workers office

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) London provides Individual Contract Verification to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), ensuring the legality of their contracts in the host country. It’s also a requirement for Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), an exit clearance for Filipinos departing the Philippines to work abroad. If you need this document, keep reading to learn how to process Individual Contract Verification …

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How to Apply OEC Certificate in London, United Kingdom

how to get oec in polo london united kingdom

To OFWs in the United Kingdom who will have a vacation in the Philippines and return to their work should apply for OEC. You may secure your OEC from the POLO London office, and the application is via online process due to the implemented physical distancing measures. So if you need to get your OEC the soonest, please follow the …

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Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership London, UK

how to renew owwa membership appointment in london united kingdom

For OFWs who are wondering how to have an OWWA Membership appointment for renewal in London, UK, please follow the steps below on how you can keep your membership active. Also Read: Directory: POLO-OWWA Offices Overseas Please be advised that the POLO-OWWA office in London, United Kingdom is the one responsible for handling OWWA transactions. So if you have any …

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