How to Apply OEC Certificate in Lebanon

how to get oec certificate in beirut lebanon

For OFWs based in Lebanon, keep in mind that securing your OEC is necessary whenever leaving the Philippines to work abroad. Whether you’re a first-time or returning worker, you should obtain your OEC before you depart the country for employment reasons. So if you’re wondering how to get OEC in Lebanon, read our in-depth guide below. Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) …

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Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership Beirut, Lebanon

owwa appointment and renewal of membership in beirut lebanon

For OFWs in Lebanon, having an active OWWA membership is essential to access different benefits provided by OWWA. If your membership will soon expire, ensure to renew it at POLO Lebanon. Additionally, Filipinos who are not members of OWWA can apply for membership by submitting the required documents and meeting the qualification criteria imposed by OWWA. So if you want …

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