PDOS Seminar Accreditation Process for Job Agencies

Recruitment agencies in the Philippines who wish to conduct PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars) in their offices must get a license and become accredited by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) first. Please be guided on the process of accreditation below:

The accreditation of PDOS recruitment agencies is important to ensure that all participants in the seminars receive accurate and up-to-date information about working abroad. The seminar topics include information on the overseas job market, Philippine labor and employment laws, contract preparation, travel arrangements, and cultural adjustments.

pdos seminar accreditation


The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is mandated to promote and protect the interest and well-being of our Filipino migrant workers or OFWs through its various programs and services. But other than that, the government agency also offers accreditation to recruitment and labor agencies, as well as non-government organizations and manning agencies who would like to offer training and assistance to departing overseas Filipino workers.

In particular, labor agencies and employment groups who would like to offer their respective Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) are required to get an accreditation from OWWA so their client OFWs can be considered for overseas employment upon their application and departure. This is in order for OFWs to have multiple options in completing their training requirements prior to employment and to broaden OWWA’s scope in providing services for overseas employment and assistance.

So in case you plan on helping an aspiring OFW complete their training, all you need for OWWA accreditation for PDOS facilitation and management will be explained briefly in this article.


Trainers for PDOS facilitation and management must:

  • Have graduated in college, or its equivalent educational attainment substituted with 36 hours of related training for every year of deficiency, or 2 years of related experience;
  • Have shipboard experience, for sea-based applicants, or on-site experience for land-based applicants;
  • Have taken part as instructor or trainer in any training, research, administration or similar project relevant to overseas training and employment for at least three (3) years, and;
  • Exhibit fluency and good communication skills in English and Filipino.


Qualified applicants for trainer accreditation are required to complete the following documents:

  • Duly accomplished PDOS Trainer Application Form, which can be requested from the designated Project Development Monitoring Unit (PDMU) personnel of the OWWA Regional Office or POLO office..
  • Trainer’s Bio-data
  • Copy of Certificate of Completion/Participation for PDOS Trainer’s Training.
  • Copy of License to Operate from POEA, for manning/recruitment agencies
  • Copy of incorporation or registration documents and literature on institutional mission and operations, issued by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), for NGOs.

How to Process PDOS Seminar Accreditation for Recruitment Agencies

Upon completion of the documentary requirements, applicants may pursue their application through the following steps:

  • Go to your local OWWA Regional, Satellite or POLO office to request a schedule for PDOS Trainer’s training program. The program would usually run for two days, each having a maximum of 8 hours. Upon completion, you will be given a Certificate of Participation/Completion.
  • Prepare your proposed venue for your PDOS training.
  • Submit your duly accomplished application form along with the documentary requirements to the designated PDMU personnel.
  • Upon submission of documents, you will be scheduled for an ocular inspection in your prepared PDOS venue.
  • Once your PDOS venue is approved, the PDMU shall file a recommendation for your accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please be guided on the following questions and answers about the accreditation process for agencies to conduct PDOS seminars for Filipinos working abroad:

1. What is PDOS?

The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) is a one-day comprehensive orientation program for OFWs aimed at preparing them for overseas employment. Among the topics covered by the program include the country’s profile and general policies, financial literacy, health and safety, and other imminent employment concerns. It is a program required for first-time and returning OFWs.

2. Why do we need to be accredited to hold the PDOS?

OWWA accreditation is required for private and non-government individuals or groups who wish to hold their own PDOS as the said program is a government requirement for OFWs. Meaning, the government is liable for the safety and performance of migrant workers, so they must ensure that trainers and instructors for the program are well-equipped with relevant and necessary skills and knowledge to inform and educate OFWs on what they need to know about their employment abroad.

3. Is the accreditation process free?

Yes, the PDOS trainer accreditation application is free of charge.

4. How long is the process?

The application progress may take up to a week, at most, depending on the schedule of trainers’ training program and ocular inspection by the PDMU. For one, the trainers’ training, which is a crucial part of the application process, takes 2 days, while the ocular inspection takes up to 4 hours. Both depend on the availability of the PDMU personnel and other concerned agencies.

5. Am I guaranteed accreditation upon application?

No, applying for trainer accreditation does not guarantee your accreditation. You must first attend the trainers’ training and pass the ocular inspection for your proposed PDOS venue. On top of that, documents that will certify the legitimacy of your recruitment, or manning agency, as issued by POEA and SEC, are required.


In summary, OWWA provides accreditation to human resource and labor agencies to further assist OFWs towards fulfilling their mission abroad. And thinking about it, this accreditation is made possible by fellow Filipinos, and by doing so, we widen our reach to provide them with the genuine service that we all have been giving to the world.

For more information on PDOS trainer accreditation and other OWWA programs and services, you may visit their website at www.owwa.gov.ph or their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OWWAofficial

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