How to Avail OWWA Medical Assistance Benefit

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) makes it its mission to ensure that OFWs worldwide, as well as their family members, are provided with such medical support through the Medical Assistance under the agency’s Welfare Assistance Program.

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Here, OFWs and their family members who are suffering from illnesses, crime-related injuries, or other medical conditions that are not covered by the MedPlus Program are entitled to significant cash aid. But while the assistance may vary from one beneficiary to another, the program itself is open for both active and inactive OWWA OFW members, so everyone can surely take advantage.

owwa medical financial assistance


The OWWA Medical Assistance helps OFWs and their family members in various areas of healthcare. There is a financial benefit in the event that an OFW or a family member gets sick or is involved in a crime-related to the work as an OFW.

Should you or your relative be in need of any medical support, let this article guide you through OWWA’s Medical Assistance and the application musts and must-nots.


A dependent, therefore, is deemed qualified for the program if he/she meets the following qualifications along with a proof of relationship:

  • If the OFW is married:
  • A child, single and no older than 21 years of age;
  • A legal spouse, if any (common-law partners do not qualify)
  • If the OFW is single:
  • A sibling, single and no older than 30 years of age, or;
  • A parent, mother or father, who is not a PhilHealth member


Qualified applicants may apply for either medical or relief assistance upon completing the following documentary requirements: 

  1. At least two (2) government-issued or company IDs of the applicant
  2. Original medical certificate stating the applicant’s condition and the necessary treatment, duly signed by an attending physician or medical practitioner
  3. If the applicant is a dependent of the OFW:
  4. One (1) valid ID and duly signed authorization letter from the OFW, if the applicant is a dependent of the OFW
  5. Applicant’s proof of relationship to the OFW:
  6. Birth certificate of applicant, if the applicant is a child of the OFW;
  7. Marriage certificate, if the applicant is a legal spouse of the OFW;
  8. Birth certificate of both applicant and OFW, and a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of OFW, if the applicant is a sibling or parent of the OFW

How to Process OWWA Medical Financial Assistance

Once the applicant has completed all of the documentary requirements, follow these steps to complete the application process:

  1. Go to your designated OWWA Regional or Satellite Office, for local applicants, or the POLO OWWA office in your country of employment, for applicants abroad.
  2. Accomplish the necessary documentary specifications.
  3. Submit your requirements along with supporting documents.
  4. Wait for an authorized OWWA representative to correspond to you regarding your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please check out these common questions about the medical assistance program of OWWA:

1. What does the medical assistance cover? Is it an insurance offer?

The OWWA Medical Assistance covers for OWWA OFW members and their qualified dependents who are suffering from illnesses, medical conditions, and crime-related injuries that are not covered by the MedPlus Program by OWWA and PhilHealth. However, although it acts as an HMO, it is not a recommended replacement for such, as it is only a one-time cash aid.

2. Is the medical assistance different from the MedPlus Program?

Yes. The MedPlus Program caters to active OWWA OFW members and their qualified dependents who are also PhilHealth members, and covers for expenses not exceeding PhP50.000, whereas the OWWA medical assistance is open for active and inactive OWWA OFW members and their qualified dependents, whether they are members of PhilHealth or not. In terms of coverage, the MedPlus Program covers medical conditions that are deemed “dreaded” (i.e: diseases of the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, cancers, etc.), while the OWWA medical assistance covers crime-related injuries and illnesses not covered by the MedPlus Program.

3. Can I apply for multiple dependents?

No, an applicant can only apply for either programs for either themself or a qualified dependent. If the OFW member is married, he or she can only apply for one child, his or her spouse, sibling or parent for either program. Should further assistance be needed, contact your designated OWWA Regional or Satellite Office or POLO office for more information.

4. Can inactive OWWA members apply for the assistance?

Yes, the medical assistance is open to active or inactive OWWA OFW members or any one of their qualified dependents who have sustained a crime-related injury or have been diagnosed with an illness not covered by the MedPlus Program by OWWA and PhilHealth .

5. Am I granted a slot upon application?

No, all applications for OWWA’s Welfare Assistance Program are subject to review and assessment by OWWA and DOLE offices as well as other concerned agencies. As such, approved applications vary in benefits.

6. How will I know if my application has been accepted?

Applicants will receive a reference number to track their application status. Approved applications will be announced on the OWWA official website and Facebook page, and applicants will be notified via call, text, or email regarding details of their application.


In this day and age, everything comes at a price. Even the choice to work abroad in hopes of greener pastures and being able to provide better for your loved ones in the country come at a hefty cost, sometimes sacrificing our personal joys and dreams.

But no matter the destination or occupation, our health and well-being must still be our top priority. While emergencies and injuries may be inevitable in uncharted territories, having quality and accessible medical support sure comes in handy.

In no case must we set aside our health and safety, even while working overseas. But with OWWA’s medical assistance, quality healthcare is now made even more accessible, and especially coming from our fellow Filipinos. Remember, the OWWA community is always here to help.

Should you need more information regarding OWWA’s medical assistance or other programs, visit their website at or their Facebook page at You may also download the OWWA Mobile App to check and update your membership, and to stay connected with the OWWA community.

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