Individual Contract Verification in MWO Toronto, Canada

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), formerly POEA, requires a verified Employment Contract for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) applying for Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). This document is necessary for OFWs who have changed employers/job sites and vacationing in the Philippines. With that said, keep reading as we’ve created a guide on the process of Individual Contract Verification in Migrant Workers Office (MWO) Toronto, Canada.

OFWs can protect their rights, welfare, and benefits by verifying their Employment Contracts. It allows the Labor Attaché to check if their contracts comply with the current laws, standards, and practices of the Philippines and the host country. Also, vacationing OFWs without verified Employment Contracts can’t obtain their OEC or exit clearance for departing Filipino workers. Thus, OFWs should process Individual Contract Verification in MWO Toronto, Canada.

contract verification toronto canada migrant workers office


OFWs should check if they meet any of the qualifications below before applying for Individual Contract Verification in MWO Toronto, Canada:

  • Filipino nationals without POEA records but working abroad or those who transferred job sites with a new employer
  • Filipino workers registered with POEA but have changed their employers on-site.
  • Filipino workers with potential employers and an employment visa approved by the Immigration Department
  • Filipino nationals who legally migrated to a foreign country and converted from migrant status to a worker status (such as dependents, permanent residents, petitioned family members, spouse, or fiance visas)
  • Filipino workers on a fixed-term contract (verify every renewal)

Note: OFWs who have previously obtained a verified Employment Contract with their present employer don’t need to validate their renewed contracts, given they’re still working for the same employer. But they should present their old and renewed contracts to apply for a BM employment certificate.


For qualified workers, secure two (2) copies of the following documentary requirements for Individual Contract Verification in MWo Toronto, Canada:

For Professional/Skilled Workers

  • Individual Employment Contract (English version, if only one (1) worker per Job Order/Manpower Request) – dated and signed by the principal/employer on all pages (original signature required)
  • Master Employment Contract (if two (2) or more workers per Job Order/Manpower Request/LMIA) – dated and signed by the principal/employer on all pages (original signature required)
  • Addendum to the Employment Contract – dated and signed by the principal/employer/ or authorized representative (original signature required)
  • Copy of worker’s Philippine passport (data page only) – valid for at least six (6) months before the intended date of departure
  • Copy of valid visa/work permit
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – issued by ESDC/Service Canada for workers hired thru the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of Nomination/Certificate of Acceptance – for workers hired thru the Provincial/Territorial Nominee Program OR Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (if applicable)
  • Signed Employer’s Profile
  • Business Profile – with contact details
  • Affidavit of Undertaking – to monitor the worker (signed by the employer)
  • Copy of Board/Company Resolution (for enterprise with multiple owners)
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration with the names of Beneficial owners (for sole proprietors)
  • Copy of the valid Business License/Commercial Registration of the principal/employer
  • Return envelope (Xpress Post – regular size) – the employer can also opt to collect the authenticated documents


  • Business License/Commercial Registration – CAD 11.50
  • Individual Employment Contract – CAD 11.50
  • Master Employment Contract – CAD 34.50

For Live-in Domestic Workers from the Philippines

  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with Annex and Annex B
  • Copy of Employment Contact – signed by the employer (the employee can sign it later)
  • Addendum to the Employment Contract – signed by the employer in BLUE ink (the employee can sign it later)
  • Copy of valid visa/work permit
  • Photocopy of Canadian employer’s identification (such as passport, driver’s license, or any valid-government issued ID) – with photo and signature
  • Copy of Quebec Certification of Acceptance (CAQ, if you’re from Quebec)
  • Employer’s Profile
  • Application for Verification/Authentication by mail (for Caregivers) – signed by the employer)
  • Return envelope (Xpress Post – regular size) – the employer can also opt to collect the authenticated documents


  • Verification fee per document – CAD 11.50
  • Authentication fee per document – CAD 34.50

How to Verify Employment Contract in MWO Toronto, Canada

To verify Employment Contract in MWO Toronto, Canada, follow the steps below:

Via On-site Contract Verification (MWO Toronto, Canada)

  1. Set an appointment with MWO Toronto, Canada, by sending your full name, address, and contact number to
  2. Print or screenshot the confirmed appointment schedule.
  3. Complete the documentary requirements.
  4. Visit MWO Toronto, Canada, on the day of your appointment.
  5. Present confirmed appointment schedule and valid ID to the security personnel.
  6. Head to the processing window and submit your requirements for verification.
  7. Next, the assigned Processing Officer of MWO or the Labor Attaché will interview you or conduct a work site inspection if necessary.
  8. Once verified and the requirements are complete, pay the verification fee via cash, bank draft, or money order.
  9. Then, you’ll receive the verified documents and a PCG stub.
  10. Submit the verified documents and pay the authentication fee at the cashier of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) Toronto.
  11. You’ll receive the official receipt for authentication fees and a claim stub.
  12. Then, PCG Toronto will release the documents after two (2) days.

Via Mail

  1. Send the complete documentary requirements, return envelope, and verification and authentication fees payment to:
    • Suite 200, 160 Eglington Ave. East,
    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • M4P 3B5
  2. You can pay the verification and authentication fees via bank drafts or money orders.
  3. If requirements are incomplete, MWO Toronto will return them and the fees using the provided return envelope. For more details, MOW Toronto will call or email you.
  4. The Labor Attaché will verify the documents if complete.
  5. After two (2) days, PCG Toronto will mail back the verified documents and official receipts.

Via Consular Outreach Mission

MWO Toronto also conducts Consular Outreach Mission in provinces under their jurisdiction, including Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. For inquiries on the schedule and venue of the Consular Outreach Mission, check the official Facebook page of MWO Toronto or email them at


In summary, OFWs should verify their Employment Contracts to protect themselves while working abroad. It ensures they’re legally employed and their employer follows the employment laws, standards, and practices. Thus, OFWs who have changed their employer/job site or don’t have POEA records should undergo Individual Contract Verification in MWO Toronto, Canada, especially if vacationing in the Philippines.

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