Individual Contract Verification in MECO Kaohsiung, Taiwan (MWO Kaohsiung)

Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in Taiwan return to the Philippines for a short vacation. But before that, they need to obtain some documents, like a verified Employment Contract. It’s a necessary document for Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) application, an exit clearance for Filipinos working abroad. With that said, read on as we’ve created an in-depth guide for Individual Contract Verification at MECO Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

An Individual Contract Verification is a process wherein the Labor Attaché validates the Employment Contract of OFWs, ensuring it complies with the prevailing employment laws, standards, and practices of the Philippines and the host country. Furthermore, it protects OFWs’ welfare, rights, and benefits. Therefore, OFWs should process their Individual Contract Verification in the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) in Kaohsiung or Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in Taiwan.

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Before we talk about the application process, check if you meet any of the qualifications below for Individual Contract Verification in MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung):

  • Filipino nationals without POEA records but working abroad
  • Filipino workers registered with POEA but have changed their employers on-site
  • Filipino workers with potential employers and an employment visa approved by the Immigration Department


If you’re qualified for Individual Contract Verification, here are the primary documentary requirements you must bring to MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung):

  • Original Employment Contract with employer and worker’s signature
  • Original and photocopy of worker’s passport with at least six (6) months validity before intended departure
  • Photocopy of worker’s valid Work Visa
  • Recent pay slip of worker
  • Copy of employer’s ID

Considering there’s limited information on MECO Kaohsiung’s (MWO Kaohsiung) official website and Facebook page, we advise OFWs to contact their office for the latest documents required for Individual Contract Verification.


Besides the documents listed above, OFWs should pay the following applicable fees to secure their verified Employment Contract:

  • Contract Verification fee– NTD 1,435
  • OWWA Membership fee– US$25 converted to local currency based on the foreign exchange rate (if OWWA membership is expired or about to expire

Also, note that the fees stated above may change without prior notice. So it’s ideal to contact  MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung) for the latest amount they collect.

How to Verify Employment Contract in MECO Kaohsiung, Taiwan (MWO Kaohsiung)

According to a Facebook post from MECO, OFWs in Taiwan should set an appointment with the concerned office thru a designated link. Meanwhile, MECO Kaohsiung extension offices are open for walk-in transactions. But to verify your Employment Contract in MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung), follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Facebook page of MECO Kaohsiung for the available appointment dates.
  2. Book an appointment with MECO Kaohsiung thru this link. Also, you may contact MECO Kaohsiung to set an appointment for Individual Contract Verification by calling their office at (886) 7-3985935 to 36.
  3. Secure all the necessary documents.
  4. Before going to MECO Kaohsiung, contact their office if your chosen appointment schedule is confirmed. Also, print or take a screenshot of the appointment schedule sent to your email.
  5. Go to MECO Kaohsiung on the day of your appointment.
  6. Show proof of your confirmed appointment schedule, valid ID, and vaccination card.
  7. Get a queue number for Contract Verification.
  8. Head to the processing window and submit your documentary requirements.
  9. If your requirements are complete, pay the applicable fees.
  10. Afterward, collect your official receipt and wait for the release of your verified Employment Contract.


If you wish to apply for Individual Contract Verification in MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung), please take note of the following reminders:

  • Applicants transacting with MECO Kaohsiung should arrive on time on the day of their appointment.
  • All applicants should monitor their health, whether walk-in or with an appointment. If the applicant is not feeling well, contact MECO Kaohsiung to cancel the appointment.
  • Wear a mask at all times while inside MECO Kaohsiung.
  • When visiting MECO Kaohsiung, applicants should dress appropriately. It’s strictly prohibited to wear strapless, spaghetti-strap blouses, tank tops, sando, skimpy skirts, shorts, leggings, and slippers. If you do so, you’ll be forbidden entry to the premises even if you have an appointment.
  • The documentary requirements should be in two (2) sets or copies
  • Applicants with incomplete documents will not be processed.
  • For more details on the requirements and fees for Contract Verification, inquire at the official Facebook page of MECO Kaohsiung. You may also reach MECO Kaohsiung by calling their office at (886) 7-3985935 to 36.


To learn more about Individual Contract Verification in MECO Kaohsiung (MWO Kaohsiung), please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, OFWs should update their OWWA, SSS, and Pag-IBIG contribution since it’s essential for Contract Verification. Updating the said contribution is essential before OFWs can verify their Employment Contract, as per the latest announcement from MECO Taiwan. As stated by MECO, they met with all Taiwanese agencies last February 17, 2023, advising all Filipino workers who have been re-employed or transferred employer to complete their payment for OWWA, SSS, and Pag-IBIG for Contract Verification.

In addition, OFWs should book an appointment with MECO since they prioritized applicants with confirmed appointments over walk-ins. The designated appointment link for the concerned MECO is on their Facebook page. There are also brokers in Taiwan who process the documents of OFWs applying for Individual Contract Verification, but they charge a bit high. Thus, OFWs in Taiwan may let brokers process the verification of their Employment Contracts, especially if they’re busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contract Verification?

Contract Verification is a process wherein the Labor Attaché checks the Employment Contracts of OFWs, ensuring it’s compliant with labor laws, standards, and practices of the Philippines and the host country. In short, it protects OFWs’ welfare, rights, and benefits.

How much is the Contract Verification fee in MECO Kaohsiung?

The Contract Verification fee in MECO Kaohsiung is NTD 1,435. But the amount may change without prior notice. So it’s better to contact MECO Kaohsiung regarding the latest amount.

Can I get OEC without a verified Employment Contract?

You cannot obtain your OEC without a verified Employment Contract from MWO. It’s a primary requirement for OEC application, so you must verify your Employment Contract before anything else.


To sum up, the verification of the Employment Contract is mandatory for OFWs who have been re-hired or transferred to a new employer or job site. Aside from being a requirement for OEC application, verifying the Employment Contract is necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of OFWs.

If you’re not qualified for OEC exemption, you must undergo the Individual Contract Verification before vacationing in the Philippines. Thus, OFWs should contact MECO Kaohsiung for assistance in Employment Contract verification.

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