Individual Contract Verification MWO Berlin, Germany

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Germany should verify their Employment Contract with the Migrant Workers Office (MWO) to ensure the legality of their work abroad. A verified Employment Contract is also essential when applying for Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), an exit clearance required for Filipinos leaving the Philippines to work abroad. If you’re an OFW, read on as we share the process for Individual Contract Verification at the Migrant Workers Office in Berlin.

The Labor Attaché performs the Individual Contract Verification to check if the contracts of OFWs meet the standards and current laws of the Philippines and the host country. By verifying their contracts, OFWs can protect their rights, benefits, and welfare. Therefore, we encourage OFWs to undergo Individual Contract Verification in MWO Berlin, Germany, especially when they have changed employers or vacationing in the Philippines.

contract verification in mwo berlin germany migrant workers office


Before applying for Individual Contract Verification in MWO Berlin, Germany, check first if the OFW meets any of the qualifications below:

  • Filipino nationals without POEA records but working abroad or those who transferred job sites with a new employer
  • Filipino workers registered with POEA but have changed their employers on-site
  • Filipino workers with potential employers and an employment visa approved by the Immigration Department
  • Filipino nationals who legally migrated to a foreign country and converted from migrant status to a worker status (such as dependents, permanent residents, petitioned family members, spouse or fiance visas)
  • Filipino workers on a fixed-term contract (verify every renewal)


For qualified OFWs and their principals, secure the following documentary requirements for Individual Contract Verification in MWO Berlin, Germany:

For Consular Outreach Mission – Contract Verification

  • Copy of worker’s passport (data page only) – with at least six (6) months validity before the intended date of departure
  • Copy of worker’s work visa/permit
  • Addendum Contract – signed by the employer (if the OFW’s existing contract doesn’t include an emergency repatriation clause)

For Hiring Skilled Workers (including Nurses) thru an Agency

  • Recruitment Agreement – between the principal (placement agency/employer) and the Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA)
  • Job Order – stating the positions, required number of workers, and salary per position
  • Principal’s valid Commercial Registration or Business License – with details regarding the years in operation, business activities, and current number of employees (English and local translation copies)
  • Master Employment Contract – signed on all pages by the principal’s authorized signatory (written/translated in English)
  • Copy of National/Residence ID of the principal’s authorized signatory
  • Copy of passport of the Philippine agency owner (data page only)

Additional Requirements (if the principal is a placement agency representing the employer)

  • Copy of the employer’s valid Commercial Registration or Business License (English and local translation copies)
  • Master Employment Contract – signed on all pages by the employer and the authorized signatory of the placement agency (written/translated in English)
  • Manpower Request (from the employer)
  • Service Agreement – between the employer and the placement agency
  • Copy of National/Residence ID of the employer’s authorized signatory


Apart from the documentary requirements, OFWs should pay the applicable fees to obtain a verified Employment Contract from MWO Berlin:

Meanwhile, principals hiring Filipino workers should pay the following fees per document:

For Individual Worker

  • MWO Verification fee- €9
  • Recruitment Agreement- €9
  • Job Order- €9
  • Master Employment Contract- €9

For Group of Workers

  • MWO Verification fee- €27
  • Recruitment Agreement- €27
  • Job Order- €27
  • Master Employment Contract- €27

How to Verify Employment Contract in MWO Berlin, Germany

There are two ways to verify Employment Contracts in MWO Berlin, thru mail or Consular Outreach Mission. According to a Facebook post from the Philippine Embassy in Germany, they conduct Consular Outreach Mission in areas under their jurisdiction, including Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommen.

The Consular Outreach Mission will include labor-related services from MWO Berlin, like Contract Verification. Thus, OFWs should contact the Philippine Embassy in Germany and MWO Berlin for more details on the Consular Outreach Mission schedule and venue. If the principal is processing the OFWs document, they can verify the Employment documents thru the mail. To verify Employment Contract in MWO Berlin, follow the steps below:

Via Mail

1. The principal should secure the applicable documentary requirements stated above.

2. Once complete, email the scanned copies of the documents to the new email of MWO Berlin for an initial evaluation at

3. If documents are complete and in order, MWO Berlin will instruct the principal to submit the original and photocopy of the requirements to their  mailing address:

Philippine Migrant Workers Office (MWO)
c/o Philippine Embassy in Berlin
Luisenstraße 16, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)
Telephone No. +49 (0) 30 864 9500 Local 301

4. Next, the principal should pay the applicable fees (official receipts will be issued). The payment should be transferred or remitted to:
Account Name: Embassy of the Philippines Berlin Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Account No.: 701 1625110 00
Swift Code: DEUTDEBB101
IBAN: DE96 1007 0100 0162 5110 00
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
Address: Unter den Linden 13/15 10117 Berlin

Note: Wait for MWO Berlin’s instruction before sending the payment/deposit.

5. If sending the requirements via courier/mail, don’t forget to set up a pick-up service to collect the documents.

Via Consular Outreach Mission

  1. Check the Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in Germany for the schedule and venue of the Consular Outreach Mission. You may also contact MWO Berlin at for more details.
  2. Set an appointment for Contract Verification (if applicable).
  3. Print or screenshot proof of your confirmed appointment.
  4. Complete the documentary requirements.
  5. Visit the designated venue of the Consular Outreach Mission.
  6. Submit your documentary requirements for evaluation.
  7. If the documents are complete, pay the applicable fees.
  8. Then, collect the official receipt and wait for the release of your verified Employment Contract.

Video: OFW Germany Contract Verification Guide

Please check out this guide on the process of getting OEC and in turn, also process contract verification as shared by a Filipina based in Germany:


To sum up, a verified Employment Contract is as necessary as OFW’s passport since they cannot obtain their exit clearance or OEC without it. In addition, this process is a way to protect OFWs and ensure fair treatment from their employers. Verifying an Employment Contract registers OFWs’ work with POEA, giving them access to benefits and services from MWO and the host country.

If vacationing in the Philippines, OFWs should complete Individual Contract Verification in MWO Berlin to avoid delay in returning to their job sites. Also, note that this guide is from the details on the Facebook page and website of the Philippine Embassy in Germany. So we advise OFWs to contact MWO Berlin for the latest procedure, fees, and requirements for Individual Contract Verification.

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