How to Apply OEC Certificate in Tokyo, Japan

OFWs in Tokyo, Japan, should get their OEC if going on a vacation in the Philippines or whenever their contract ends and returning to the country to fulfill or extend their employment. It is necessary to acquire the OEC if they plan to continue working abroad and vacationing in the Philippines. In addition, OFWs may be offloaded at the airport …

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Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership Tokyo, Japan

owwa appointment and membership renewal in tokyo japan

For OFWs in Tokyo, you can ensure to have an active OWWA membership by renewing it at the POLO-OWWA Tokyo office. In addition, Filipinos who are not yet members of OWWA can also apply for membership by visiting or mailing their requirements to the POLO-OWWA Tokyo office. And to do so, follow the guide below for the OWWA appointment and …

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