Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership Libya

owwa membership application in libya

For OFWs in Libya who haven’t renewed their OWWA membership, we recommend updating your membership status to ensure access to varying and long-term OWWA benefits. We also encourage OFWs in Libya who have acquired employment through a visit visa to apply voluntarily for OWWA membership. And to help you with the process, we’ve created an in-depth guide for OWWA membership …

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Individual Contract Verification in MWO Libya

contract verification for ofws in libya

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Libya planning to vacation in the Philippines should ensure they have a verified Employment Contract if they’re still returning abroad to continue or fulfill their contracts. Furthermore, OFWs who have changed their employers/job sites or don’t have POEA records should secure this document since the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) requires a verified contract for …

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How to Apply OEC Certificate in Libya

how to get oec certificate in tripoli libya

If you’re an OFW in Libya, securing your OEC involves two processes. Since the Philippine government has issued a deployment ban to Libya, there are other things to consider and conditions to meet before acquiring your OEC. So if you’re wondering how to get OEC in Libya, read our in-depth guide as we share the documents to comply with and …

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