Individual Contract Verification in MWO Brunei

contract verification in mwo brunei migrant workers office

A verified Employment Contract is necessary for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), whether changing employer/job sites or vacationing in the Philippines. The Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) requires verified contracts for OFWs applying for Overseas Employment Certificate, a travel pass for Filipinos departing the country to work abroad. So for OFWs in Brunei who need to secure this document, keep reading …

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How to Apply OEC Certificate in Brunei

how to get oec certificate in brunei

Whether you’re a first-time or returning overseas Filipino worker, securing your OEC is necessary whenever vacationing in the Philippines for leisure or emergency reasons and returning to your job site to fulfill or extend your employment contract. OEC serves as a pass to leave the country and proof of legal work abroad. So if you’re an OFW in Brunei wondering …

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Schedule OWWA Appointment Membership Brunei

owwa membership renewal appointment in brunei

If you’re an OFW in Brunei, renewing your OWWA membership is beneficial to access services and programs OWWA provides. Also, active OWWA members can receive support during a crisis, from financial to legal assistance. Furthermore, Filipinos who don’t have an OWWA membership and acquired employment may register at the POLO-OWWA Brunei office. To become an OWWA member, check out this …

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