How to Apply OWWA Calamity Assistance

One of the benefits you may get from OWWA is a Calamity cash assistance if you are an active member who has experienced a tragedy such as a national calamity or one caused by humans. We’ll go through what the requirements are and how to apply for this financial aid. The program offers cash aid of PHP 1,000 to PHP 3,000 to OFWs or dependent relatives who have been affected by calamities.

As they say, overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are the modern-day heroes, choosing and striving to live a life away from their families in order to provide for them. However, even the bravest warriors fear bigger dangers, such as the inevitability of calamities which can anyone at the most unexpected times.

This is when the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) comes to provide immediate aid to OFWs and their families who had been hit by natural and manmade disasters. So whether you’re an OFW or a dependent of one, you can avail of the calamity assistance program to help with the recovery efforts.

how to apply owwa calamity assistance


Among the advantages of being an OWWA OFW member is eligibility for their social benefits, including the Welfare Assistance Program or WAP which covers assistance for medical bereavement, calamity, and relief expenses.

You should keep in mind that an OWWA Calamity Loan is not available, instead, you may receive cash assistance. You are not required to pay anything back to OWWA once you apply for this calamity aid.

This OWWA calamity program provides cash aid between PHP 1,000 to PHP 3,000 to overseas workers or dependent family members who have been affected by disasters.


  • For OFW claimants, simply bring any valid ID
  • For claimants who are beneficiaries of the OFW, kindly bring a copy of the OFW’s valid ID and any proof of relationship to the OFW.
    • If the claimant is a spouse of the OFW: Marriage contract
    • If the claimant is a child of the OFW:
      • Children 18 years old and above: 
        • Birth certificate of the child
        • Copies of the OFW’s valid ID and passport
        • Authorization letter from the OFW
      • Children below 18 years old: 
        • Birth certificate of the child
        • Copies of the OFW’s valid ID and passport
        • Affidavit letter from the legal guardian
        • Authorization letter from the OFW
    • If the claimant is a sibling of the OFW:
      • Given that the OFW is single:
        • Claimant’s birth or marriage certificate
        • OFW’s birth certificate
        • Copies of the OFW’s valid ID and passport
        • Authorization letter from the OFW
      • Given that the OFW is married:
        • Claimant’s birth or marriage certificate
        • OFW’s birth certificate
        • Copies of the OFW’s valid ID and passport
        • Authorization letter from the OFW
    • If the claimant is a parent of the OFW, given that the OFW is single, kindly bring the OFW’s birth certificate

Note: Signatures from the OFW’s valid ID, passport and authorization letter must be identical.

Similar to OWWA’s other programs, you may apply for calamity assistance either through their website, or via appointment to your nearest Satellite Office of OWWA for Philippine residents, or to the designated POLO office for overseas Filipinos.

Calamity Assistance Application through OWWA Online Website

In light of the recent restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, online applications provide more convenience for both applicants and the office, and it’s also much easier.

  1. Visit to access the online application form.
  2. Fill in all the missing information about the OFW.
    • If the applicant is the OFW, select “SELF” and input the OFW’s name.
    • If the applicant is a beneficiary of the OFW, select the fitting relationship.
  3. Click Next. On the succeeding page, select “Choose File” and attach a 2×2 ID photo of the applicant.
  4. Upload the necessary documentary requirements:
    • OFW’s passport
    • Claimant or applicant’s valid ID
    • Supplementary documents to support claimant or applicant’s relationship to the OFW, as stated above.
  5. Submit the application form, and wait for the message confirming the successful recording of your application.
  6. Wait for your application to be confirmed by the OWWA evaluator.

Calamity Assistance Application through OWWA Appointment

You may also opt to book an appointment to your nearest OWWA Satellite Office, if you are residing in the country, or designated POLO office, if yóu are abroad. Please refer to your local office for further inquiries about the program and follow all guidelines when booking an appointment and visiting the office.

They will also be the one to provide procedures on claiming your benefit through your municipality, should your application be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may check out the following FAQs about the calamity assistance project from OWWA.

1. What is the OWWA Calamity Assistance?

It is a program among OWWA’s social benefits that aims to help OFWs and their dependents who are affected by calamities by providing cash assistance.

2. Who is qualified for the Calamity Assistance?

OFWs with an active or renewed OWWA membership may apply for calamity assistance. Non-active members or OFWs whose membership have expired may have to renew their membership prior to applying for the program.

3. How much cash assistance is given to qualified applicants?

The program provides cash assistance of PhP 1,000 to OFWs or OFW dependents who had been affected by natural disasters, such as thunderstorms or earthquakes, up to PhP 3,000 for manmade disasters, such as fire, explosions, or vehicle crashes. Note, however, that the cash assistance is NOT a loan, and therefore, do not need to be paid back.

4. How may I claim my benefit from the assistance?

Once your application has been approved, your local Regional Welfare or POLO office will provide you details on how to claim your benefit through your municipality. 

5. Can I apply for assistance on behalf of an OFW?

If you are a legal beneficiary of an OFW, you may apply for the program. Include the documentary requirements for your OFW contact, such as a copy of their passport data page, valid ID, and authorization letter, in your application. Keep in mind that the OFW’s signature must be the same for these documents in order to be deemed valid.


As the country’s modern-day heroes, we must always be present and ready to show how much we care and look up to our OFWs, and the Calamity Assistance Program is part of OWWA’s social welfare initiatives and OWWA programs which highlights this intent.

With this, the country hopes to ease their troubles of having to look after their loved ones and themselves.

Should you or your OFW loved one face the aftermath of a disaster in your area, remember that OWWA is here to help.

Contact Information

For more information on the Calamity Assistance and other programs of OWWA, you may visit your nearest OWWA office or check out their website at, or their official Facebook page at

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