POLO Muscat: Oman in Need of 350 Filipino Nurses

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Muscat stated that the Sultanate of Oman is looking for healthcare workers, specifically nurses. According to a report shared by the Philippine News Agency on September 11, 2021, POLO Oman Labor Attaché Gregorio Abalos Jr. said that there is a rising need for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the health industry due to the health crisis.

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This statement made by Abalos was shared in a digital press forum on the afternoon of Friday. There have been reports of Oman hospitals and companies making inquiries about Filipino nurses.

healthcare workers needed in oman

Oman in Needs of Pinoy Health Care Workers (HCWs)

Abalos mentioned that there were two hospitals in Oman that visited the POLO office and requested 150 nurses in Apollo Hospital, and 200 nurses in Sultan Kabul Cancer Care Hospital.

He added that they had informed these potential employers about the shortage of Filipino medical workers and that they have to provide a competitive package that is in proportion to the skills of the nurses.

The Omani hospitals are not the only ones that are in need of healthcare workers as the demand for Filipino nurses is increasing worldwide.

Employers must make a competitive offer, or the employee will seek better compensation in other countries.

An estimated monthly salary of OMR 300 (PHP 50,000) is earned by nurses in the Sultanate. This amount does not include accommodation expenses.

The POLO Muscat office has informed the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) about Oman’s need for health care workers (HCWs) and requested an exemption from the deployment cap imposed by the Philippine government.

Limit in Deployment of Medical OFWs

According to Abalos, the POEA responded that the need for Oman for Filipino HCWs is still within the limit.

Currently, the Philippine government has set up a limit of sending only a maximum of 6500 HCW to other countries. This is to help ensure that the Philippines has enough medical personnel that could assist in the PH operations in its own hospitals.

For medical staff who plan to work as nurses in the Sultanate of Oman, please make sure to go through the POEA-accredited agencies when applying for the nurse job positions to avoid becoming victims of illegal trafficking and illegal employment.

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