POLO Rome: Malta to Hire Filipino Workers

Malta is set to hire Filipino workers as various employers are seeking Pinoy professional and non-professional employees, says Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). According to a report shared by the Philippine News Agency on September 17, 2021, POLO Rome Labor Attaché Haney Lynn Siclot said that there are job openings for OFWs in this European country.

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Siclot mentioned in a digital press forum that a number of prospective employers in Malta are looking specifically for Filipino workers across a number of industries.


Job Orders to Employ Filipino Professional and Non-Professional Workers in Malta

Some of these job opportunities include positions as accountants and auditors and the job orders have ranged from 50 to 100 employees.

There are also job positions that needed to be filled out which included carers, factory workers, domestic helpers, and cleaners. Siclot added that they have 100 domestic workers to work in Malta and they were hired via Foreign Recruitment Agencies.

Minimum Wage Salaries in Malta

The salaries of these job opportunities range from 1000 to 4000 Euros. While these figures may vary depending on the job position required, Siclot said that Filipino workers are protected because Malta has set up a minimum wage policy.

Salaries in Malta are competitive, and the difference between Malta and Italy is that they have labor standards with respect to minimum wage salaries. It implies that by law, they must pay a certain amount of money each month. The minimum wage in Malta currently runs from 760-780 Euros per month.

Malta is a great place to work as it provides employees the perks to not only explore Malta, but also travel to other European destinations.

You have the ability to go to Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Germany, or take a holiday throughout Europe. This is one of the great benefits if you work in Malta as it belongs to a Schengen country.

The hiring of OFWs in Malta is a great sign given the great track record of Filipinos as employees. May this be a sign for more opportunities and job orders to come.

As for Italy, domestic workers are the most numerous OFWs, followed by employees in the service sector such as hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and stores.

Reminder For Filipinos to go through POEA for Overseas Jobs

A reminder to Filipinos in the Philippines looking for jobs overseas that it is important to go through the proper channels. Visit the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website for available jobs and go through the legal process to avoid becoming victims of illegal overseas employment.

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