POLO Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Needs More Household Workers

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Malaysia continues to process job orders for migrant workers despite the coronavirus restrictions imposed by the host country. According to a report shared on July 16, 2021, on the Philippine News Agency website, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Kuala Lumpur said that Filipinos are still in demand to work in the household service sector.

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POLO Labor Attaché Johnson Cañete said that housekeeping and maintenance workers are among the most desired employees. Household Service Workers (HSWs) are the most sought-after workers in the Southeast Asian country.

polo kuala lumpur malaysia needs household service workers

Job Opportunities for Filipinos in Malaysia

In a digital press conference, Cañete shared that there is a high demand as employers keep looking for a continuous supply of Pinoys as HSWs.

Professionals and highly trained experts including engineers, software developers, pharmacists, geologists, and other licensed specialists as well as semi-skilled workers like kitchen helpers, waiters, cooks, washers, gardeners are all eligible.

In Malaysia, the Construction industry is also flourishing, and workers and assistants in construction are among the possibilities where Filipinos can search for jobs. Agricultural and forestry laborers are also in demand.

There is also close to 800 job orders being processed which cater to the Buiness Process Outsourcing (BPI) companies.

Reminder to Get a Malaysian (MY) Entry Document

The POLO office has reminded returning OFWs and recently hired Filipino workers to secure a Malaysian (MY) Entry document that has been certified by the host country’s immigration authorities and contracts that have been confirmed by the POLO.

Before you depart the Philippines, make sure that your papers are in order. Workers who have a valid MY entry pass secured by their employers are permitted to enter Malaysia despite the current closure of certain borders because of the pandemic.

POLO Kuala Lumpur Handles Other Countries

Aside from handling Malaysia, POLO Kuala Lumpur office also assists Filipinos looking for assistance in three other countries, including Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. So if there are any Filipinos in these countries who need assistance, you may contact the POLO Kuala Lumpur office for help.

Filipinos also need to make sure to go through proper licensed job agencies in order to avoid becoming victims of illegal recruitment.

Cañete said that it is important to check the list of accredited Job Agencies in Malaysia in order to avoid falling prey to illegal recruiters.

If you have further questions, you may contact the POLO Kuala Lumpur office for assistance.

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