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what is polo-owwa

What is POLO?

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) is a Philippine government agency that is under the Department of Labor and Employment. It is mandated to serve, protect, guide, assist and supervise Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in all Philippine government-accredited job contracts abroad.

It is directly under the Office of the Secretary of Labor and is responsible for DOLE administration and enforcement of its policies and programs relevant to overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

What is OWWA?

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is a Philippine government agency that is under the Department of Labor and Employment. Its main purpose involves protecting OFWs in their workplaces. It also provides immediate financial assistance to OFWs who are victims of work-related accidents, injuries, or death abroad.

OWWA oversees the Overseas Workers’ welfare. It is mandated to provide social services, legal assistance, medical care, and training for OFWs. It has an insurance program with projects that include financial benefits for work-related injuries or death of OFWs; pre-departure orientation seminars on employment procedures; counseling; promotion of worker’s rights; family reintegration (e.g., loans without interest); overseas employment placement

What is the difference between POLO and OWWA?

In case you are wondering about the difference between POLO and OWWA, it is simply that OWWA assists and supervises the welfare of Overseas Workers as a whole, while POLO is specifically designed to cater to those who are Filipino workers outside the country.

While POLO and OWWA are linked to/connected with DOLE and both are concerned with the protection of OFWs’ rights and well-being, the main distinction is more on the focus of each agency.

OWWA focuses on the OFW insurance and delivering these insurance benefits to its members while POLO focuses on the implementation of Labor Policies and Employment Rules to Filipinos working in the country where the OFW is assigned.

Objective of POLO-OWWA.com

In case you are wondering what the purpose of this website is, our goal is to help create a unified portal for all OFWs abroad. We know that it is more likely that people search on the internet if they want specific information about either POLO or OWWA.

Thus, we aim to create a consolidated website where you can easily find updates and news about either of these government agencies.

This portal’s objective is to inform and educate each OFW about the existing member concerning policies and programs accessible for overseas Filipino workers. We, too, want to make the most of our OWWA membership with this government agency like you do.

Please be advised that the POLO and OWWA do not endorse, support, or maintain this website in any way. Instead, we hope to provide useful advice and information about how to utilize particular services provided by the OWWA, as well as claim certain benefits.

Note: Please be advised that this website will never ask you for any money. Please do not make any payments or share your information; we want this internet portal to function as a helpful guide and community information source.

We will continue to add information on this page as we strive to become a one-stop info portal for many overseas Filipinos who want to learn more about each procedure and opportunity available to them.

Thank you very much for reading our website. Please stay tuned as we keep updating the content and adding more valuable information.

We hope that your questions and concerns are answered here on our website. Please inform us if you want to suggest any revisions or additional information that might be helpful to other members of this community portal.

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