Individual Contract Verification in Cyprus

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) or formerly the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), is mandated to promote and protect the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The MWO verifies the Employment Contracts of OFWs to ensure they receive fair benefits and safe working conditions while working in the host country. For OFWs who wish to check their contracts, read on as we share our in-depth guide for Individual Contract Verification in Cyprus.

With the Labor Attaché verifying the Employment Contract, OFWs can ensure their contracts follow the prevailing laws of the Philippines and the host country. This process protects OFWs’ welfare, benefits, and rights. Moreover, it’s a primary requirement to obtain Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), an exit clearance checked by immigration before allowing Filipinos to depart the country and work abroad. That’s why we encourage OFWs in Cyprus to verify their Employment Contract with MWO Greece.

contract verification in migrant workers office mwo cyprus


Before applying for Individual Contract Verification in Cyprus, OFWs should check if they meet any of the qualifications below:

  • Filipino nationals without POEA records but working abroad or those who transferred job sites with a new employer
  • Filipino workers registered with POEA but have changed their employers on-site
  • Filipino workers with potential employers and an employment visa approved by the Immigration Department
  • Filipino nationals who legally migrated to a foreign country and converted from migrant status to a worker status (such as dependents, permanent residents, petitioned family members, spouse or fiance visas)
  • Filipino workers on a fixed-term contract (verify every renewal)


Due to the limited details regarding Contract Verification, we advise OFWs in Cyprus to contact the Philippine Consulate in Larnaca and the Philippine Embassy, and MWO Greece for more information on the latest documentary requirements. Below is a list of the primary documentary requirements OFWs in Cyprus should submit to MWO Greece:

  • Employment Contract – all pages signed by the employer (preferably POEA)
  • Copy of worker’s passport (data page only) – with at least six (6) months validity before the intended date of departure
  • Copy of worker’s work visa/permit
  • Copy of employer’s ID


If the documents are complete and correct, MWO Greece will verify your Employment Contract after paying the applicable fees:

  • Contract Verification fee- Not available (Contact MWO Greece to inquire regarding the exact amount)
  • OWWA Membership fee- US$25 converted to local currency based on the foreign exchange rate (if OWWA membership is expired or about to expire)

How to Verify Employment Contract in Cyprus

As stated in a Facebook announcement by the Philippine Consulate in Larnaca, OFWs in Cyprus should contact MWO Greece to avail of labor-related services. In addition, the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece, conducts Consular Outreach Mission in Cyprus, where OFWs can verify their Employment Contracts. Meanwhile, MWO Greece also processes Employment Contract Verification via mail or email. But as of writing, it’s unclear if they still verify Employment Contracts in their office at 10 Fthiotidos St., Ambelokipi, 11523 Athens, Greece.

The same goes for the mail or email process. Therefore, we advise OFWs in Cyprus to contact MWO Greece directly to determine the latest procedure for Individual Contract Verification. Also, OFWs may contact the Philippine Embassy in Greece for inquiries. To verify an Employment Contract in Cyprus, follow the steps below:

Via Mail/Email

  1. Contact MWO Greece via email at or call (+30) 210 698 3335. Ask for the latest documentary requirements for Contract Verification.
  2. Gather the complete documentary requirements.
  3. If you prefer to transact via mail/courier, send the documentary requirements to the MWO Greece mailing address:
    • 10 Fthiotidos St., Ambelokipi,
    • 11523 Athens, Greece
  4. But if you want to verify your Employment Contract via email, combine the documentary requirements into one PDF file.
  5. Send the PDF file to with a subject header of EMP ONLINE.
  6. Next, wait for a confirmation and payment reminder from MWO Greece via SMS, phone, or email.
  7. Once MWO Greece notifies you to pay the verification fee, send the payment to a remittance center with the Account Name:
  8. After paying, confirm your payment for Contract Verification by sending the receipt to
  9. MWO Greece will confirm your payment and send via mail/email your verified Employment Contract.

Via Consular Outreach Mission

  1. Visit the official Facebook page of the Philippine Consulate in Cyprus or the Philippine Embassy in Greece.
  2. Check or inquire about the upcoming schedule and venue of the Consular Outreach Mission with MWO Greece.
  3. Next, set an appointment with MWO Greece for Contract Verification.
  4. Print or screenshot proof of your confirmed appointment
  5. Gather the complete documentary requirement.
  6. Go to the designated venue of the Consular Outreach Mission.
  7. Submit your complete documentary requirements for evaluation.
  8. Pay the applicable fees if the documents are complete.
  9. Then, collect the official receipt and wait for the release of your verified Employment Contract.

Note: It’s unclear if MWO in Cyprus is still operational or verifies Employment Contract. Also, we can’t find any contact details for MWO Cyprus. Thus, we advise OFWs in Cyprus to contact MWO Greece for labor-related services, like Contract Verification.


If applying for Individual Contract Verification in Cyprus, please keep in mind the following reminders:

  • OFWs in Cyprus should contact the Philippine Consulate in Larnaca, the Philippine Embassy, and MWO Greece for more details on Contract Verification.
  • OFWs visiting MWO Greece should set an appointment for Contract Verification.
  • The Philippine Embassy and MWO Greece conduct Consular Outreach Mission in Cyprus. To check the schedule and venue, visit their Facebook page or website.
  • When visiting the Embassy or MWO Greece, observe physical distancing and wear a mask within the premises.
  • Print or take a screenshot of the confirmed appointment schedule with MWO Greece. Also, don’t forget to bring it on the day of your appointment as proof.
  • All clients should wear appropriate attire when visiting the Embassy or MWO Greece.
  • The security personnel may forbid entry to clients wearing strictly prohibited outfits, such as strapless, spaghetti-strap blouses, tank tops, sando, skimpy skirts, shorts, leggings, and slippers.
  • For more information on Contract Verification, OFWs in Cyprus may contact the following:
  • Facebook page of the Philippine Consulate in Cyprus
  • Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in Greece
  • MWO Greece-; (+30) 210 698 3335


To sum up, OFWs in Cyprus can verify their Employment Contract by attending the Consular Outreach Mission conducted by the Philippine Embassy and MWO Greece. Moreover, MWO Greece process Contract Verification via mail/email, making it more convenient for OFWs.

Thus, OFWs in Cyprus who have changed employers or job sites, especially those vacationing in the Philippines, should verify their Employment Contract with MWO Greece.

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