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The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) brought good news to our Overseas Filipino Workers by launching the OFW PASS. The OFW PASS is one of the requirements for an Exit Clearance for OFWs and serves as digital identification. It can be downloaded through the DMW Mobile App for free. It is designed to be a more convenient alternative to Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

Getting an OFW Pass through DMW Mobile App is smooth and hassle-free by skipping a long queue in the onsite process. Not only that, unlike the OEC, which has 60 days validity, the OFW Pass can be used until the end of your working contract. 

ofw pass dmw mobile app
How to Get OFW Pass in DMW Mobile App?

OEC Vs. OFW Pass

Getting an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is far more hassle and more inconvenient than getting an  OFW Pass. OFW Pass gives way to a more convenient and innovative way of getting important documents. Here are some of the differences between the OEC and OFW Pass:

  • Accessibility. OEC needs to be processed in an office. You need to be physically present and stand in a long queue. While in OFW Pass, it is QR generated and can be done through your mobile phone whenever and wherever you are.
  • Validity. The OEC has 60 days validity and can only be used once. The OFW Pass can be used until the end of your working contract.
  • Cost. The OEC cost Php 100 for processing while the OFW Pass is FREE of charge.
  • Function. The OEC is proof of OFW’s legitimacy while OFW Pass also serves as proof of legitimacy but has an easier connection to other government apps
OEC vs OFW Pass

OFW Pass Registration Guide for OFWs

To have an OFW Pass is easy. You just need your mobile phone, internet connection, and follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your DMW Mobile App and you will be redirected to your passport verification.

Step 2: Allow access to your phone’s camera, then tap Continue.

Step 3: Get ready to scan your passport. Tap Continue.

Step 4: Follow the grid lines to properly scan and capture your ID.

Step 5: Review your photo to ensure readability, then tap Continue.

Step 6: Wait for the application to scan and process your ID.

Step 7: Prepare to have a selfie taken. Do not use flash and ensure that your face can be properly recognized.

Step 8: Take your selfie and wait for your photo to be processed

Step 9: Wait for the confirmation to verify your identification details. Tap Continue.

Step 10: After being verified, you can now start using your OFW Pass.

ofw pass for ofws

Transition Period

For those OFWs who have difficulty using the internet and have difficulty using the app, you can still use OEC. The Department of Migrant Workers is giving a two-month grace period for our Filipino workers to adjust and be familiarized with the new digital process. 

There will also be a 24/7 Contact Center to help OFWs with their concern regarding the new process and to guide them in using and utilizing the OFW Pass.

Video: Steps in Registering for the OFW Pass

For those OFWs who prefer visual guidance, watch this YouTube tutorial by Kuya Sadik on how to register for OFW Pass. This is a

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DMW Mobile Application?

The DMW Mobile App is an innovative app designed to enhance the services and help Overseas Filipino Workers in their journey outside the country.

What Platform is the DMW Mobile App available on?

The DWM Mobile Application is available on iOS and Android devices. Downloading this app is free of charge.

What is the OFW Pass?

The OFW Pass is an identification and a requirement for getting an exit clearance for Overseas Filipino Workers. This is free of charge and can be downloaded through DMW Mobile App. 

What are the differences between the OFW Pass and OEC?

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is proof of the legitimacy of an OFW while the OFW Pass also serves as proof of legitimacy but has an easier connection to other government apps.

How long is the validity of the OFW Pass?

The OFW Pass is valid until the end of your working contract while the OEC has only 60-day validity.

How do I get my OFW Pass?

The OFW Pass can only be obtained through the DMW Mobile App. After downloading the app, you need to submit the requirements and process verification before you can get an OFW Pass.

How long will it take for DMW to verify my requirements?

It takes 2-3 days for the Department of Migrant Workers to process and verify your application. You will receive a notification through your app once your application has been verified. 

Do we need an Exit Clearance with the OFW Pass?

Yes, you need to secure an OFW Pass before applying for an exit clearance.

exit clearance using OFW Pass

Can I still use my OEC as an Exit Clearance?

Yes, you can still use your OEC. The Department of Migrant Workers gave a two-month grace period for Filipino workers to adjust and be familiar with the app.

ofw pass application steps


As the world transition from physical to digital, it is good to know that the Philippine government is trying to follow the trend to give Filipino workers a seamless and hassle-free life. This transition to a digital platform is a big step towards a brighter future.

OFW Pass is a comprehensive mobile platform designed to give convenience and hassle-free application for Overseas Filipino Workers. The OFW Pass is easier to obtain than the Overseas Employment Certificates because you don’t have to be physically present in the government office. All you need is your mobile phone and an internet connection and you can apply for OFW Pass anywhere and anytime you want.

If you wish to provide feedback or report issues with the app, you can contact their customer support team at or send a message through FaceBook at or WhatsApp/SMS/Viber at  +63 9083268344 +63 9271478186 +63 9205171059.

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