POLO Milan: Increasing Number of Household Workers Running Away from Employers

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Milan reminded Overseas Filipino Workers to stay true to their employment contracts. This was after reports of complaints on Filipinos based in Romania wherein household service workers (HSWs) have left their current foreign employers and transferred to another without fixing any existing issues they have.

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According to a report posted on Philippine News Agency on December 30, 2021, POLO Milan has shared a number of cases of Filipino employees running away from their employers.

polo milan increase in runaway workers romania

POEA Reminds OFWs to Honor Your Labor Contracts

It is vital, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Administrator Bernard Olalia, for Filipinos who work overseas to fulfill their employment contracts’ obligations, terms, and conditions. This is precisely why, he said, they must also obey the labor regulations in their new nations.

According to reports, the practice is on the rise among household service staff (HSWs) who leave their employers and move to another without resolving issues with their previous employer and the foreign recruiter.

Under Romanian labor legislation, an employee’s termination of employment does not need to be justified; it must instead be accomplished in the form of a formal resignation.

File Proper Resignation Letter

If you wish to resign from your employer, file a proper resignation letter. Don’t go AWOL because you have signed contracts that oblige you to fulfill it.

Employees in non-management positions must give their employer notice of intention to leave not less than 20 days before the resignation date, and those in management roles must do so not more than 45 days beforehand.

In the case of termination, the employer must provide at least 20 working days’ notice. The employee is entitled to receive his salary and all other statutory rights during this period.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) did not provide statistics regarding the number of HSWs who have left their jobs.

So let this be a reminder to all Filipinos to make sure you follow the existing labor laws of employment contracts.

As an OFW, you are not only representing yourself but your family as well. You represent the country now, so be extra careful with all things you do to make sure it’s worth the sacrifice of leaving your loved ones for years.

If you wish to leave your job due to whatever reason, then go through the proper procedure and don’t just run away without telling your employer.

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