How to Appy for NBI Clearance Online

An NBI Clearance is a certificate issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), a government agency in the Philippines mandated to handle, investigate, and resolve criminal cases throughout the country. This certificate is one of the essential documents in the country, providing that an individual is not involved in any criminal case. If you need to secure this document, read on as we’ve created a guide on how to apply for NBI Clearance online.

The purpose of this document is to certify an individual has a clean criminal record. It’s an official police background check in the Philippines, used for local employment, visa application, foreign trips, or as proof of identification. In the past, securing an NBI Clearance will take a whole day of queuing with no assurance of being accommodated. Fortunately, Filipinos can now apply for NBI Clearance online, making the application process faster.

how to get an nbi clearance online

What is NBI Clearance

A document issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the NBI Clearance, certifies that an individual has no previous criminal record or didn’t engage in any illegal activities. It proves that the individual has no past or present criminal history. In addition, several organizations and employers acknowledged this document as a valid identification, ensuring the bearer is a good citizen and not pretending as someone else.

Since most government agencies in the Philippines are going digital, the application process for NBI Clearance is also available online. With this advancement, applicants no longer need to queue for hours to obtain their NBI Clearance. At present, you can apply for NBI Clearance online. You’ll only need to visit the NBI office since they need to take your biometrics and picture. Then, claim your NBI Clearance within the day, given you didn’t get a “Hit” status.


There is no age limit for the NBI Clearance application since anyone can apply for it, whether students or working professionals. Also, foreigners in the Philippines can apply for an NBI Clearance, certifying they haven’t committed any illegal or criminal activity while in the country. Foreign applicants need NBI Clearance as the primary requirement for the following transaction:

  • Resident Visa Application in the Philippines
  • 12a Immigrant Visa Renewal (issued to foreigners who married Filipinos)
  • Immigration/Citizenship overseas application (if living in the Philippines for six (6) mos)

However, Filipinos and foreigners applying for NBI Clearance online should comply with the following documentary requirements:

For Filipinos:

  • Two (2) valid IDs, any of the following:
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Pag-IBIG ID
  • Postal ID
  • PRC ID
  • UMID (SSS and GSIS)
  • Voter’s ID
  • Company ID (for government employees only)
  • Local Civil Registrar (issued certificate)
  • School ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Police Clearance
  • Malacanang Certificate for indigenous groups
  • Barangay Certificate (for first-time job seekers)
  • Oath of Undertaking (for first-time job seekers)
  • Valid and active email address
  • Application fee- P130
  • Online transaction fee- P25

For Foreigners:

  • Passport
  • ACR I-Card (Alien Certificate of Registration)
  • Application fee- P130
  • Online transaction fee- P25

How to apply for NBI Clearance Online

To apply for NBI Clearance online, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the NBI Clearance website at:
  2. On the Data Privacy Content, click the I Agree button.
  3. Ready the Advisory and click Close to continue.
  4. Fill out the required fields for NBI Clearance online application.

If you have an existing account – enter your email and password and click Sign In.

If it’s your first time using the NBI Clearance website – fill out the registration form on the right. Answer Yes or No if you have an NBI Clearance issued from 2014 up to the present. Enter the required details, including:

  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Birth Date
  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • NBI ID Number (If you have obtained NBI Clearance from 2014 to the present)

If you’re a fresh graduate or applying for a job for the first time – click First Time Jobseekers. Read the Notice, and tap OKAY. Enter the required details for registration.

  • Agree to the Terms of Service and click Sign UP.
  • To complete the dual verification process, input the one-time password sent to the email you entered on the registration form.
  • Log in to your account to finish the registration process.
  • Fill out the required fields on the Applicant Information.
  • Double-check the details you have entered and click Save Information/Submit.
  • Tap Apply for Clearance.
  • Next, update your identification. Choose the ID type and upload a valid ID. Then, click I Agree.
  • Select the nearest NBI Clearance Center and the date and time for the appointment.
  • Choose a payment method and click Proceed.
  • Pay the NBI Clearance fee of P130 and the P25 transaction fee and click Proceed to Payment.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation via email after paying the fees. Record or screenshot your reference number.
  • On the day of your appointment, visit the NBI Clearance Center. Bring the reference number, application form, and valid IDs.
  • Head to the area where they take your photo and biometrics.
  • Afterward, you’ll receive your NBI Clearance the same day if your record is clear. But if you get a “Hit” status, wait two (2) weeks to claim your NBI Clearance.

Note: Foreigners who wish to apply for NBI Clearance can follow the steps above. Register an account on the website and set an appointment at an NBI Clearance Center. Also, don’t forget to bring your passport and ACR I-Card during your visit to NBI. Foreigners can use the NBI Clearance as their Multi-purpose ID in the Philippines.


  • When applying for NBI Clearance online, mention the valid IDs you’ll bring to your appointment.
  • The agency doesn’t accept non-government-issued IDs and certificates for NBI clearance applications.
  • Bring original documents and valid government-issued IDs. NBI will not accept photocopies.
  • Bring at least one (1) valid ID and old NBI Clearance for renewal.
  • First-time jobseekers can apply for NBI Clearance without any charge.
  • Once paid, you cannot change the date and time for the NBI Clearance appointment.


By making the NBI Clearance available online, Filipinos who need to secure this document no longer have to queue from dawn until afternoon. Those who obtained their NBI Clearance on October 16, 2016, can renew it online if it’s expiring or expired. With this process, you can apply for renewal of your NBI clearance and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Furthermore, the cost of securing NBI Clearance online is almost the same. You only need to pay an additional P25 transaction fee to make the application process convenient and faster. Thus, follow the steps in this guide if you need to apply for NBI Clearance online to get a valid ID or for employment purposes.

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